DDP Radio. Every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern DDP and crew discuss DDP YOGA, health, inspiration and motivation!



September 2014

September 8th

Daily Male Radio

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September 10th

Fox News - Carol Alt's "A Healthy You"

September 11th

Fox Business - Varney & Co

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September 18th

Sway In The Morning

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September 23rd

WHRU Radio

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September 27th

Funk Fitness DDP Yoga Workshop
Brighton, Michigan  

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October 2014


October 1st

Entrepreneur Lifestyle

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October 2nd

HWT Podcast

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October 3rd + 4th

MCW Wrestling Signing

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October 6th

CAC Radio

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October 7th

Senior Bodyguard Radio

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October 11th

Resistance Pro Wrestling

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October 24th - 26th

Epic Con Ohio

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October 29th

Jim Cooley Podcast

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October 31st

Pro Wrestling Syndicate

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January 2015

January 11th

DDP Yoga Workshop

Newport, Rhode Island

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March 2015

March 21st

Hammer's Energy Fitness Workshop

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April 2015

April 11th

Tricon Comic Con  

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