DDP Extreme



Couch potatoes, be warned: DDP Extreme is not for you. 


On the other hand, If you consider yourself a superior athlete who wants a serious challenge and is ready to take your game to the next level, then... DDP Extreme is an absolute MUST.


I’ve spent the last 12 years developing DDP Yoga, the no-impact workout that is basically a car-crash of stretching, martial arts, and dynamic resistance training. But the great part about it is that it’s a workout almost anyone can do. DDP Yoga has helped countless people of all fitness levels physically and mentally transform themselves: take disabled veteran Arthur Boorman, who used DDP Yoga to take him from full-time walking crutches to full-out sprints!...check this out:


DDP Extreme is simply the next evolution of the game. If you're already a DDP Yoga veteran and you DOMINATE "The Diamond Cutter" and "Double Black Diamond" then you're ready to take on this workout.


If you’ve never done DDP Yoga, but you’re into a elite level of physical conditioning and think that there aren't any more challenges for you out there... Ha! Ha! Guess what Monkey... You're Wrong!


DDP Extreme the workout that takes you down to the mat, will bring you to the brink of submission, and make you want to tap out... Ha! Don't believe me? Check out the videos below on the importance of core strength and what DDP Extreme has to support the performance of professional athletes.


DDP Extreme is the workout that has taken professional football players, 


wrestlers and MMA fighters to their limit. It will not only make you stron

ger but build your stamina and teach you how to maintain breathe control in extreme conditions. 

DDP Extreme will also make you much more flexible and build your core strength in ways that you never thought possible. How? DDP Extreme puts ZERO Impact on your joints while giving you a kickass Cardio Workout using Dynamic Resistance.


It also increases your flexibility, all while building incredible Core Strength. How Extreme is that?


Oh Yeah... Btw... I've been doing a different version of DDP Extreme for over 12 years now and I'm calling you out... That's right after taking my body to Hell and back as one of the Top professional wrestling in the World... At 55 Years YOUNG I'll will be right there getting my DDP Extreme on with you!



DDP Extreme Psycho Workout Highlight Reel:


DDP Extreme demo: Tutorial


DDP Extreme demo: Hip Opener