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What are you willing to do for a friend? Boz Bozier-Lown, an aspiring DDP YOGA Level 1 Certified Instructor in south-east England, wanted to find a way to help his friend Karle and his family financially. Karle, a postal worker, has had many illness and injuries in the past few years. On top of foot and ankle problems, and a life-threatening bout of asthma, he broke his spine. He is greatly limited in his mobility and has lost his source of income while healing.

Boz wanted to do something to ease the financial burden on Karle and his family so that Karle could focus on getting his mind and body to heal. Since Boz is currently in training for his DDP YOGA certification, he thought the best way to raise funds for his friend was using DDPY!

Boz created a fundraiser and announced his plan. The plan was to spend over 8 hours doing various DDPY workouts. To sweeten the deal, he also offered those donating over a certain amount a free 45 minute 1-on-1 DDPY session once he's completed his certification.

The challenge took place on Sunday, 27th May. Throughout the day various portions fo the workouts were live-streamed for supporters to witness. As is typical of the DDPY community, Boz received outstanding support encouragement.

After his marathon workout, Boz followed up with a video and had this to say about his crazy plan.

"It all went wonderfully to plan. I had scheduled 8 hrs 24 mins worth of workouts and allowed a 10.5-11 hr period in which to do it.

My wife Lavinia joined me for a couple of workouts throughout the day and generally was amazing keeping me in supply of fluids, supplements and dry clothing.

I am on certification track and I had one of my students join me for a couple of the more advanced workouts.

Online support was incredible and Lavinia read out peoples encouragements throughout the day. This really helped to keep me going!

Haydn was brilliant leading up to it advising me on workouts, timings and modifications to use in order to survive it and although he was unable to make it on the day due to personal circumstances, he was ever-present online offering me support and encouragement which was fantastic.

One amazing thing and a true testament to DDPY is that, despite suffering from terrible shoulders and arthritis in both big toes, had no pain whatsoever after the event or the next day. A little stiffness the next day but not pain.

Then as if it wasn’t eventful enough a day, my phone rang and it was Dallas!!
Congratulating me on completing it and basically saying I was bonkers ;)

That was just increíble!!"

Boz was able to finish all of his scheduled workouts and raise £1,000 to help Karle and his family. Karle is beyond thankful for all the support.

Watch Boz's summary video and learn more about Karle's story on the GoFundMe  page. 

Story Posted: May 31 2018

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