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DDP's Tips for Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

DDP's Tips for Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

If you have been following DDP, his workouts, or watched any of his cooking shows, you will see that he lives a strictly gluten-free lifestyle. Because Celiac Disease and gluten-free eaters have become so widely known, you can't even go to your grocery store or sit down at your favorite restaurant without seeing seeing all these gluten-free options. Eating gluten-free foods can have an immense impact on your health. In today's blog, I will tell you all about gluten and why switching to a gluten-free diet may be the right choice for you!

What exactly is gluten?

Gluten is the general term for the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It is added to foods to act as a "glue" that hold the product together. it can also be used as a preservative and for coloring or flavor. There are three main types of naturally occurring gluten:

  • Wheat - this type of gluten is found in most of your everyday products such as breads, baked goods, pastas, flour, sauces, soups, and similar products.
  • Barley - this type is mostly found beer. It's a bummer, I know! Barley gluten is also found in malts (vinegars, flavors, and extracts).
  • Rye - this type is found in rye breads, rye beer, and rye liquors.

I know you must be thinking, "Is there anything I can eat that is tasty??" The answer is YES! There are many options for eating gluten-free and I will talk about those later on!

Why should I switch to gluten-free and what are some of the benefits?

There are many reason to switch over to a gluten-free lifestyle. Here are some of the main reasons that other have decided to make the switch:

  • Celiac Disease - this is a condition that is triggered when gluten is ingested into your body. It causes inflammation in the GI tract which can lead to damage of the delicate tissue in your intestines. This makes is hard for the body to digest and absorb the nutrients found in gluten and wheat products.
  • Gluten Sensitivity - being sensitive to gluten means that you may suffer from the symptoms of Celiac Disease without the major damage that is caused to your body. You may experience an upset stomach, bloating, nausea, and cramping. 
  • Because you want to feel healthier - many people switch to a gluten-free diet because they want to feel healthier. Eating gluten-free can cause you to feel more energized, decrease the inflammation in your joints and muscles, help you lose weight, and help with headaches and body pain. 

Eating gluten-free can have many great benefits and can make you feel great! You can find many gluten-free recipes on the DDPYNow App! Check it out and sign un today!

If you want more information on Celiac Disease, gluten, or gluten-free foods, check out the Celiac Disease Foundation Website.

Please consult your physician if you may believe you have Celiac Disease, are gluten sensitive or intolerant, and before making any major changes to your diet!

Well, what can I eat then?

There are so many great brands that sell delicious gluten-free foods! Here are some of our favorite brands;

  1. Pamela's - Pamela's makes the best gluten-free flour, baking mixes, and snacks! This is where DDP gets his favorite Chocolate Cupcakes!
  2. Three Bakers - Three Bakers makes the most delicious breads and buns around! My favorite is their Rye Style Bread! It is so delicious, you won't even notice that it' gluten-free!
  3. Namaste - Namaste has some really amazing mixes to make all your favorite foods. Their pizza crust mix is to die for!
  4. Udi's - Udi's make some great breads, buns, snacks, and desserts! They have an something for everyone and it all tastes great!

These are just our favorite brands, there are so many options to get all your most loved foods gluten-free! Check the label on your foods to see which one contain gluten and which ones don't.You might be surprised to see just how many things have gluten in them!

Ok, but I really like drinking beer. Are there any gluten-free options for that?

Yes! There are many amazing gluten-free alternatives for beer! Here are a couple of Dallas' favorite gluten-free beer!

  • Duara Damm - Daura Damm is one of Dallas' favorite gluten-free beers. It has a wonderful ale taste with a smooth finish!
  • Omission - Omission make some really good gluten free beers! They have a couple different varieties to make sure you can find your perfect taste!

There are a lot of options for gluten-free beer. Some of your favorite breweries might already make a gluten-free options! In addition to beer, hard seltzers and hard ciders are almost always gluten-free. Hard Ciders are made from apples, so naturally, they contain no gluten. As always, remember to check to label to make sure no gluten was added!


As you can see, switching to a gluten-free lifestyle might be easier than you think! Most of these gluten-free alternatives can be found in your local groceries store and are very accessible to everyone! Consider going gluten-free and see how it just might change your life and make you feel UNSTOPPABLE!

Don't forget to check out the DDPYNow App to get amazing gluten-free recipes, snack suggestions, tips and tricks, and motivation to help keep you on track! Remember, your first SEVEN days are always free on our app!

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