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My old man does investments for people.  So I was raised with a business sense of mind.    Around seven years ago I invested in some DDP YOGA DVD’s 49.99 cents. And 5 dollar yoga mat.  In the same breath, I invested in my Heath and myself.  Well mostly cause no one outside my circle was putting any money on me to succeed.    I’ll be honest being my father’s son I wouldn’t have put any money on myself as well. I was a physical injured, emotionally injured mess.
So I did these DVD’s followed my Strong Island Food Plan.  No booze, no soda allot of protein.  Grilled chicken, egg whites, no sugar.. 
 When I was on that mat, my life’s bad moment’s would play in rewind,    The hospital’s, the cancer, the wheel chairs, all those kids that died in the I.C.U... including myself.  It was what kept me going, and still is my number one reason I get up early in the morning.  That and I want to help my nephews by being a positive role model.
So the weight fell off, the injuries started to heal, I decided to reinvest in myself and in this program.   So I laid down a couple of hundred on certification.    Followed that thing for 10 months day in and day out.   Taught classes with Kristin online.  (We invested in friendship and help each other) word started to get out and people started investing in our classes.  Still had naysayers...  people telling me I do not belong in the health or fitness world.
I kept going till I was certified, taught Sunday’s in a basement, while taking my friends around Long Island for group workouts.  Cat invested her friendship in me, even when I was even more “Rough Around The Edges.”  Then i’am now, she helped sand down some of those edges.
People where facebooking me and emailing me asking me to come in for interviews to teach at their place, the kid that never fit in was starting to make some noise.  However, i had one more place to go.  New York City, the yoga capital of the world.  “Cat we are going to the city for a workout.” I told her “when?” She said.  Then we there, a dance studio, Central Park.  However, I wanted to let it ride.  So... I called Pure Yoga.  “Only Pure Yogi’s belong there.”  I was told.  Well my Dad always told me.  “You pay the toll, they will open the gate for you.”   So we went to Pure Yoga...” Three times, three times, three times.”   
My old man asked me to go up to a foster home one day and teach, so I did.   I went with my best friend Baby Cuz Jessica and we had our lives changed.  Kids with disabilities and other issues showing me how strong they were by participating in a DDPYOGA workout lead by a human that was once a disabled kid.       They didn’t have yoga mats, the practiced on the bare carpet.  So I took what little money I had and brought them yoga mats i invested what time and money I had to make their life better.  
I suppose I was making some noise on Long Island, cause one day Barbara messaged me. “ I told Laurie L about you she owns Medwellspa and she wants to meet you.”  I was in the mist of burn out and hesitant to take the interview.  However, Laurie didn’t really give me a chance and she messaged me.  A week later 48 hours before I would run my first 10 mile tough mudder, which might I Add... was told by a Doctor I could not run anymore.   I’m sitting in Dunkin having a latte with Barbra and Laurie. “You have a great energy, when can you start?” Laurie asked me.  Next thing you know I’m in Bellmore the Tuesday after Labor Day two years ago.  Laurie invested in the kid that didn’t  belong on this earth.  I had invested in Laurie and Medwellspa And it’s been paying dividend’s ever since.
  I do not belong here, I should of checked out of life at 12 years old.  I do not belong here... but I’m not going anywhere.

Story Posted: August 23 2016

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