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My journey with DDP YOGA started in April 2013. My husband, Haydn, had bought the DVDs to help himself recover from injury and kept suggesting that i started with him. I had gained considerable weight between 2011 and 2013 due to a serious medical issue. In December 2010 I had complications with a misdiagnosed burst appendix. This resulted in 2 major abdominal surgeries and severe weakening of my core strength. I left hospital in February 2011 weighing 108 lbs. I was told by my surgeon to rest, eat plenty of food and not do any strenuous exercise for many months. Up until the surgeries I had always been a fit and active person, the kind that would eat pretty well and go to the gym 3-5 times per week. Over this 6 month recovery period both Haydn and I developed the worst eating habits. It was pizza or fast food most days, chocolate and biscuits between all meals. Even though I tried to get back into a workout routine, nothing was working. The eating habits stayed the same and I wasn’t feeling good. By April 2013 I weighted 154lbs and needed to change something. Although I started DDP YOGA in April 2013 it wasn’t until June 2014, on our honeymoon at the DDP YOGA retreat that i started to really understand what needed to be done to change me. At the point I had increased to around 160 lbs and wasn’t comfortable in myself. DDP YOGA featured heavily in my training routine for the next year but my eating habits still held me back. Just before my 30th birthday (September 2015) I started to see a kinesiologist with an aim to sort out my internal problems. With a combination of kinesiology, DDP YOGA and finally eating right for my body (gluten free, minimal sugar and portion control) I started to notice a difference. Running has recently become a part of my weekly workouts and DDP YOGA is helping me stay flexible and injury free to enjoy this. As of April 2016 I weigh 145 lbs, my body shape has changed and I feel fantastic. DDP YOGA and this community has helped me stay focused and inspired me to get better and stronger everyday.
My current goal is to make it to 140 lbs. I would then like to try and tone up. My stomach is heavily scarred due to the surgeries, it would look less intrusive to me if it was toned. 
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