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1 Year ago I weight 340 lbs.  My life had been up and down and in the few years leading up to my heaviest weight, there had been plenty of downs.  My mind was in the wrong place, my health was rapidly joining it, I found myself unemployed and with no form of transportation.  With the bit of money I had left I decided I was going to rebuild myself from the ground up and I was going to start with DDP YOGA.  Through the fact that I was co-hosting a podcast at the time, I got to talk to Dallas personally and he helped me affirm even more that this was going to be the start of my new life.  In one year I have lost 62 lbs, 45.5 inches of fat, I have changed the way I feel, the way I look and the way I perceive what happens in my life!  



This journey started based more so on weight and now the weight has become secondary to how great I feel!  I am slowly building my life back up piece by piece and it's coming together better than ever because now DDP YOGA has given me a proper foundation! I'm not done yet, but my self confidence is through the roof and DDP YOGA isn't just a workout to me, it's a  lifestyle!


Story Posted: May 04 2016

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