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Hi  my name is George. I am 33 years old and a father of 2, a son with Asperger's and a daughter who is ADHD. In October 2005 I hurt my neck while working at Wal-mart. I had doctors telling me to ignore the pain or find another line of work. I attempted to go to a tech school, to learn a trade but I was so depressed and was hurting so bad I did not take my certs. For the next 7 years I sat on my ass in front of a computer playing video games in self pity. I ignored and pushed away my wife, my kids, and my life. I had become very cold and callous. On top of that my mother was very ill and I  had to take care of her. But I even ignored some of that as well, I just didn't care about anything anymore, not even myself. I excepted to be dead by the time I was 50 and I had come to terms with that.
I went from having a six pack and being 140 pounds to a massive 280 - 290 pounds with no end in sight. The entire time I kept telling myself I couldn't do anything anymore because of my neck. I told myself that so much that I actually truly believed it. Then one day I took a look around and saw what I had become and asked myself if this was what I wanted for myself, my kids and my wife. Obviously it wasn't but I didn't know where to start. Then while watching WWE RAW I saw Y2J talk about DDPYoga. Now I had heard rumblings of YRG for years, due to being a huge fan of DDP, but paid it no mind. Well I started researching it, and came a crossed Arthur's story. That was it for me, I made my mind up right then and there that I was going to do this and get my life back. Took me a few months to save up the money but in July 2012 I finally ordered it, and good god has my life turned around. I can’t begin to describe to you what it’s like to finally have my life back. It’s unreal. 
Now I have major up’s and down’s over the last 4 and 1/2 years. I have had injuries, excuses, loss of my mother, and just about everything you can name. I've lost stamina, flexibility, drive and will.  I managed to shoot back up to 220 pounds while still half assing DDPYoga and eating like crap. However as DDP would say, its not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s about how many times you get back up and oh boy have I ever. I had to slowly work my back up to get back to where I was and to surpass it. It's now the end of Feb 2017 and I now am working out 2 hours plus a day 7 days a week, and for the last 60 and a 1/2 weeks I have done RHC 2.0 after each workout. 
I am down to 189.8 pounds look better and feel great.  I went from a pants size of 40 - 42 to 34 - 36. My neck still hurts on occasion, but I have way more good days then bad days. I owe it all to DDPYoga. I really enjoy the challenge in it. It's as hard or easy as I make it. Just when you feel you're outta steam and can't do anymore or achieve a goal DDP get's you pumped and bam you did something you never thought is your wildest of dreams you could do. My current goals are to get down another 20-30 pounds and get DDPYoga Certified. ( Which I just started that journey of my life last week.) I want to give others the feeling of regaining there life, losing weight, building strength and an over all better outlook on life. By owning there life.
I'm ready to go back into the world and show it just who  I am, and what I can achieve!  Nothing is impossible, even the word impossible says I'M POSSIBLE! So get ready everyone I’m just getting started.
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