My story begins in 2003 when I returned home to Chicago after 10 years of honorable service in the US Army Infantry.  I had an extremely hard time adjusting to "normal" life.  I was on a complete downward spiral and coming down fast.  After about a year, I packed up and moved down near some family on the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama.  I thought for sure this little southern paradise would fix all of my problems.  They only got worse.  For several years I rode around completely lost, unhealthy, depressed and mad at the world. I had a great job and lived in a beautiful place, but  I was alone in my own little world and fighting battles with myself daily.  I put on about 100 pounds since the day I got home from the Army.  The disciplined, hard charging , iron bodied soldier was gone.  I had lost him somewhere while running away from everything.  In 2011, after 6 years of grueling internal battles, I found my purpose in life when I became a born again Christian.  I had found the ineer peace I had been searching for.  My mental and spiritual health was looking up, however, my physcil health remained the same.  Since I had put on so much weight, I decided to use it to my advantage and went to the gym everyday to see how much I could lift.  I hit all the big numbers and impressed myself and other gym members.  I even lost a few pounds.  I was satisfied with going to the gym every afternoon, benching 405 pounds a few times and calling it a day.
A few more years went by and I felt called to start a ministry for men.  Helping guys who were searching and fighting just like I was.  Its been extremely successful and continues to be.  But still, I looked at myself int he mirror each day and was devastated by what I saw.  I missed the old me.  I struggled with the fact that I had gotten so out of shape.  I asked myself how I was supposed to effectively lead men through my ministry when I wasn't taking care of myself. 
The whole thing shifted on March 2016.  My wife and I had adopted a beautiful baby girl.  On March 4th 2016 we met her for the first time when she was only 2 hours old.  As the days went by, I felt myself wanting to change physically more and more.  I wanted to be healthy and active for my little baby girl and my wife (who is a seasoned triathlete).
One day while home from work with the baby, I decided to do some push ups on the floor as gym time had decreased since she was born.  I told myself if I was going to make the change, I had to start righ tthen and there.  I couldn't do but a few decent push ups.  I was disgusted with myself. Right then and there I made a solid decision. I was going to go all out. No excuses and no holding back. I tried jotting down a few home exercise routines and did them for a few days. I wasn't feeling it. I knew there were a few good programs out there so I got on the computer. I remembered hearing about DDPY back when it all first started. I saw Dallas on a news program talking about it. I was never a hardcore wrestling fan, but I knew enough to know who the major players were, and I certainly knew who DDP was. After some research I knew this was it. I signed up. I started my workouts that day. I was hooked. My whole fitness outlook changed. I had a COACH!!! I'm a soldier, and soldiers appreciate someone on their back telling them to get the job done.
I started watching the clean eating videos on the app along with all the other great content. I started making DRASTIC changes in my habits and daily routines. A few weeks in and I was already feeling amazing. I knew the ball was rolling. I saw that DDP was holding an "ultimate workshop" and signed up immediately. I wanted to get in there and learn more! I was only down a few pounds at the time, but I knew where this path was taking me. I got to meet Dallas and even worked out right next to him. What an honor to meet the guy leading the charge! I got to listen to more great stuff about diet and exercise. The greatest thing I left the workshop with was a quote from Dallas about the food we should eat. He said," this is Gods food. This what He created for us to eat!" WHAT!!!???? I almost hit the floor!!! Why didn't I think of that!! I left the workshop excited to take it to the next level. And THAT is exactly what I did.
I worked harder and harder and it got easier. The pounds were literally falling off of me. People were noticing. I felt better, my attitude was better, I felt more confident at home, work and in my ministry. I'm down 55 pounds and I'm still going strong. I even did a full blown Duathlon last weekend !!! The guy that I used to be is back! I'm only a few pounds away from my Army weight. 
Im extremely thankful for the program. It works!! As long as you make the DECISION, DEDICATE to it and DISCIPLINE yourself. I thank God for all the great things that have happened and I thank Him for giving me a great leader for the journey. Thanks Dallas!

Story Posted: April 26 2017

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