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Hello My name is Stephanie Reynolds, Growing up I was always was tall and thin. After my first child I was quick to bounce back to my old self but after the second child I gained a lot more weight and could not seem to shed the pounds. In November of 2015 I gave birth to my 3rd child and it seemed even harder. I was so unhappy with my body and couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror, even though my husband told me I was beautiful I did not see it. All i could see was stretch marks and excess fat that I could not look past because I was so use to seeing myself a different way! My back hurt constantly. I never had the energy to do anything or be the mother I wanted to be to my 3 Boys.  My husband had been watching stories on youtube.com of people sharing their stories of DDPY and what it did for them to transform their bodies. He did this for 2 years showing me and us both Crying, before he decided it was time to make a change. so I asked My Mother in law to order the DDPY for his birthday.


They arrived November 20,2016. He started doing the workouts and I could see a big difference in him both with weight and flexibility. So that is when I decided to give it a try to see if it would also work for me. I Started doing DDPY at the end of December 2016. Since then I have lost about 46 lbs! My goal weight at the time was 160 lbs. Well I have since then conquered that goal by now being 159lbs. What I did to get to where i am now is i had to change my eating habits. I use to not eat all day and if I did it was junk. At night i would eat dinner and binge on junk and candy. Since starting DDPY my eating habits have improved a whole lot. I eat through out the day and most of it is all healthy. Fresh fruits and Vegetables, Tons of protein, I cut out Drinking Soda every day to only have it on occasion and drinking mostly water with lemon. I do DDPY all week sometimes 2-3 times a day depending on how I feel, I tend to relax on the weekends when my husband is off work and the kids are home from school.  DDPY has changed my life! It has shown me that i can do whatever i put my mind to if i want something bad enough. Since starting DDPY I feel more Alive

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