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DDP Extreme is simply the next evolution of the game. If you're already a DDPYOGA veteran and you DOMINATE "The Diamond Cutter" and "Double Black Diamond" then you're ready to take on this workout.


If you’ve never done DDPYOGA, but you’re into a elite level of physical conditioning and think that there aren't any more challenges for you out there... Ha! Ha! Guess what .. You're Wrong!

DDP Extreme is the workout that takes you down to the mat, will bring you to the brink of submission, and make you want to tap out!

DDP Extreme is the workout that has taken professional football players, wrestlers and MMA fighters to their limit. It will not only make you stronger but build your stamina and teach you how to maintain breathe control in extreme conditions. DDP Extreme will also make you much more flexible and build your core strength in ways that you never thought possible. How? DDP Extreme puts minimal Impact on your joints while giving you a kickass Cardio Workout using Dynamic Resistance.

It also increases your flexibility, all while building incredible Core Strength. 

Introduction – 3 Minutes

Breathing – 6 Minutes
Learning how to breathe is one of the most important principles of DDP Yoga. Oxygen is the fuel for your muscles. In any workout, controlling your breath makes your workout easier and helps to break down stored fat and convert it to high octane fuel. No, I’m not kidding here. Breathing correctly is not only important for losing fat and fueling muscle energy, it is the key to life itself!

Hip, Back, and Knees Tutorial - 30 Minutes

Extreme Psycho Tutorial - 20 Minutes


10 Minute Warmup – 10 Minutes
Hip, Back, and Knee Opener Workout - 40 Minutes
Just what it says, great for really opening things up and gaining strength and flexibility!

Extreme Psycho Workout - 1 Hour 4 Minutes
Push yourself to the limit! If you want a real challenge, this is it! The most challenging workout on the DDP YOGA DVDS!

Red Hot Core - 13 Minutes

If you've got a little extra hanging over your waistband this is the DVD for you. Sexy, slim waistlines and ripped abs require a red hot core workout! Take less than 13 minutes to build core strength and create that flat stomach of your dreams!

* All DVDS are Region 0 NTSC

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