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Rob Ramsey FastTrack Coach (3 Months)


When you choose Rob as your FastTrack Coach, he will guide you through your personal transformation journey for three months. You will have full access to all DDPY workouts, healthy recipes, and motivational content during this time.

Hey DDPY community, I'm 63 year old American Veteran and Fast Track coach Rob Ramsey. I'm looking for people who are finally fed up with not being able to follow through with what you started, that all you lack is the right guy in your corner fighting for you to reach your goals. DDPY is so much more than just exercise. It's a complete lifestyle transformation of mind, body and spirit. I'll warn you up front, I'm not for everybody, I got a mouth on me with a soldier's vocabulary. I'm not afraid to call you out if you're not giving the proper amount of effort. If you're ready to change your life and get serious about your health, so am I. Let's change your life!

All FastTrack Coaching clients will have full access to all DDP YOGA workouts during the 3 month period.

Transformation Testimonials

Kelly Eldridge

As a newcomer to the DDPY community I was totally blown away by all the success stories shared! My attention was captured when I kept noticing the words “fast track” being mentioned throughout various progress posts. I reached out to a few different people from the DDPY Facebook group to ask what fast track was all about. They graciously replied and told me they were working with an amazing coach named Rob Ramsey as part of the fast track program!I don’t believe in chances, I believe in choices and I knew right then I had made the right choice to pursue this opportunity. Eagerly, I messaged Rob and asked for more info. With his first reply I could tell he was going to be tough but he really knew his stuff. I was ready to jump in and get to work! Over the last 90 days I’ve had the privilege to learn from the best of the best and work alongside our incredible fast track community. Rob leads with his health daily and inspires me to do the same. Rob has a gift of reaching out to others exactly when they need it the most. He accepts us for who we are in that moment but sees what we’re capable of becoming. If you’re looking for a roadmap to better health and you’re ready to put in the work, you’re at the right place. I’m so grateful for the lifestyle I’m learning to live and love, thanks to Rob’s mentorship!

Brittany Pembridge

When I learned that Rob was becoming a Fast Track Coach, I was a little reluctant to let him help me on my journey. I had gone from 418.5 to just under 300 on my own. But I was stuck. I had been stuck for four months. Gaining and losing the same ten pounds. I was hesitant. Would Rob really be able to help get me through this plateau and keep me going? I decided to give his coaching a shot. I told him that I would try his way for 90 days. And if it didn’t work, I was going back to my way. In those 90 days, I not only broke my plateau with his help, but I also managed to lose a total of 39 pounds. In 90 days. I’m so grateful for his coaching and his ability to push me past my limits even when I don’t feel like I can do it. If you are looking for a coach to push you and guide you with a firm hand, Rob is the perfect fit. He won’t tolerate excuses or laziness. You have to do the work. He will push you. But it’s because he is invested in helping you on this journey and helping you reach your goals. And because he truly cares and wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

Denise, Age 58

Having Rob as my Fast Track Coach has been the best experience! Rob shared his wealth of knowledge about the DDPY program with me and set me up with the tools to be successful. I lost 17 lbs in the 90 Days that Rob coached me. My main goal was to be under 200 lbs (Onderland) by the end of my 90 days. Rob told me that if I followed his coaching advice, then we’d make it happen. I achieved that goal with Rob’s help! I am forever grateful for his guidance. Rob provides a “pull no punches” kind of coaching that’s built on honestly and integrity. He also believed in me and gave me just the “right push” when I didn’t believe in myself. I’ve been able to give up most of my bad habits that led to poor nutrition choices with Rob as my coach. He’s the kind of coach I needed, because he helps anyone who needs help as long as they are honest and they do their part.


Rob is someone that I followed in the DDPY community since I started in 2021. We were a part of the same group, The Tiger Battalion, and I would see his posts and what he has overcome and be inspired and have hope. He tells it like it is. You either want it or you don’t and if you’re ready he will change your life. Rob is the type of guy that will push you as far as he can so you actually start believing in yourself because he BELIEVES in you. He’s thrown out some challenges I would have never done in a million years. I will never be able to thank him enough for all he has done and the impact he has had on my life. If you’re ready for change he can get you there. And in the words of Rob, “now stop playing around and let’s do this!”

Johanna Gonzalez

On the Fast Track program, I have a one on one dynamic experience with my amazing Coach Rob. I've learned not only to better my nutritional intake but also that I can push myself a little more. I learned that nothing about getting fit is going to be easy, but the progress is possible. He has such an amazing mindset and way of communicating that makes you not only believe in yourself but makes you feel like you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I have had my ups and downs through these last couple weeks and he’s been there every step of the way, reassuring me that its okay if you can’t give 100% everyday, just make the best of what you can do. I'm starting to see definition in my body, I can also do more than 5 push ups now and that's a huge deal! So even though these adjustments might seem small but they're huge to me and I have my coach to thank for that. When I was scared to do an exercise because I was afraid of failing, he showed me the way to push through. When I was ready to give up on doing a plank form and using my hands to move my body up and down repeatedly, he had my back. Showing me I had the strength to do that and more. Hands down, the best Coach I could ask for, a man that goes above and beyond to support, encourage and empower, bringing out the best version of you. He has set the standards very high and will call you out on your BS. It is my honor to have him as my coach.

Samantha Atherton

It seems to me that “Do the F*in work” is one of Rob’s best mottos. He’s right! No one can do this for you, you have to do it yourself. No matter how fast or slow…you keep going. Keep reaching for that next goal! These 90 days with Rob have been eye opening. I never realized how much salt and other fillers were in food. I’m learning to eat more naturally while maintaining a “normal” lifestyle. He has kept our group motivated and excited to try new and different things on the table and during exercise! I would recommend Rob to anyone that needs that extra push, a little tough love but also a good hearted mentor that can really change their life. He’s open, honest, and available for even just a chat to help with the mental side of things.