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KC Hill Narcisi

My name is Kathryn KC Hill Narcisi. I'm a professional singer & perform with my husband who is a professional sax player. I also own two companies I began from my home back in 2007, before I was suddenly struck with a severe autoimmune attack in October 2009 that changed my life & turned it upside down at times.

In 2009, while on a promotional tour to promote my lingerie company  & all natural skincare line , I became extremely sick & bedridden. My weight increased literally overnight as I became sicker.

Within a month I went from a size 6 & 125 pounds to 189 pounds with water retention & inflammation.

I had always been a healing life, healthy living person. Healthy diet & exercise daily had been part of my life since I was 12 years old.

I knew it wasn't my diet & exercise and something was wrong. So, in went home to my home state of Rhode Island as I was living in Georgia at the time and the doctors couldn't figure out what was happening.

My gall bladder was about to rupture inside of me from chronic inflammation is what doctors found & I decided to emergently move back to Rhode Island to be with my family.

At this point, I had experienced 5 other life threatening autoimmune attacks with my right kidney shutting down 3 times for example,  but, had not been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I chose to keep healing myself with diet & exercise and to ignore it. It had caught up to me and wasn't taking being ignored for an answer.

January 2010, I moved back to Rhode Island, had surgery immediately to remove my inflamed gall bladder and answers after did not come quickly. I was on a mission to not let whatever I had wrong with me, conquer me.

My doctors who had me my entire life knew I had always been a weight lifting, going to the gym, starting the day with a 45 minute run healthy living woman.

So, at first they encouraged me to work out with my personal trainers doing my normal hardcore MMA & interval training work outs. This wasn't helping & making things worse it seemed as my inflammation was becoming worse. I then began slowly having loss of strength from what we would find out was a combination of the most aggresive forms of autoimmune diseases. The aggresive and hardcore work outs were actually making my autoimmune diseases re act is what I would later realize. As I pushed harder, the inflammation continued to consume my muscles, connective Tissue and also my organs one by one.

At first I was diagnosed with Lupus. My doctors had no answers for anything but medications. I met someone on Facebook, a man who was the Band Director of the High School from my home town. I had been a band student and connected with him through that connection. He was having a benefit back in 2013 for his 1st wife who was battling breast cancer. I told him I was battling lupus & he asked what I was doing for alternative treatments, diet, exercise etc. I had no knowledge of gluten free and that. My gastroenterologist kept telling me to go gluten free and soy free with autoimmune diseases but, I thought nothing of it. I ended up following the plan this man, Metro had put me on and then researching from there what helped my autoimmune diseases. I was getting diagnosed with more every time I turned around.

Yoga was the one exercise besides walking that was the healing of autoimmune diseases. I began trying different Yoga. None that I tried would help with the muscle strength loss I was having. It would stretch my muscles but, i was having more and more muscle strength loss as time went on.

In 2015 a new part of my journey & battle with autoimmune diseases began as my friend Rob Kellum told me I should try DDP Yoga. All of my friends who were professional athletes were trying to give me advice to help me as they saw me slowly losing more strength and battling back and fourth with my weight going up and down from inflammation attacks at times still.

I ordered  DDP Yoga in and at that time I was falling a lot with loss of strength. I began doing it with my normal physical therapy that was not helping alone. I immediately began gaining my strength & getting on top of the diseases. I began performing singing, promoting my company.

Then in Summer 2016 I bumped into a familiar person. Metro, the man who began me on the path to a more healing life style over just healthy life style and using an autoimmune diet, Yoga etc. He had lost his 1st wife to her battle later in 2013 and I had not realized. He was dating in 2016 and ready to find someone to start the next chapter of his life. We met just for breakfast & breakfast turned into him asking me to dinner. Than dates and we over that Summer fell in love. Love turned into a new battle quickly however.

We married December 25th 2016 & April 2017 while on a vacation to Walt Disney World with our daughters, I had a hard time breathing while walking. We came home to be told my pulmonologist that it wasn't my lungs it was my heart.

Our formal wedding was set for July 22nd 2017 with our honeymoon to New Orleans to follow. We had our vows at home in December 2016 but, planned our wedding and honeymoon for Summer 2017, my husband's a teacher so we needed to go on Summer vacation.

I was a size 8 still and 165 pounds for my wedding so carrying a little inflammation and water retention but, not a lot. We came back from our honeymoon to me quickly getting sicker and blowing up with inflammation and water retention.

By September 2017 I was so unstable with my heart that my Primary Care Doctor decided with my husband I should go to the major hospital in Boston, Massachusetts that specialized in autoimmune diseases.

We went in October at this point, I could barely get out of bed without going into massive tachycardia & had hardly any strength in my arms in legs. All of my organs with the exception for my Spleen were being attacked with inflammation and having some form of not functioning properly, lack of function or disease forming or formed.

The shock in Boston was being told I had been misdiagnosed. Not misdiagnosed as in I didn't have lupus but that a diagnoses was missed and I had multiple autoimmune diseases one particular more aggressive and life threatening than lupus. Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease is what I was diagnosed with which means I have the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases, the disease attacking my organs is a rare form of Scleroderma that attacks internally the organs, Systemic Scleroderma. Both are rare & deadly autoimmune diseases as they are very aggressive.

By Thanksgiving week 2017 I became so life threatening & my inflammation & water retention climbing over 200 pounds. Higher than it had ever been, that they began life saving chemo injections weekly to control my immune system and make me stable. The chemo destroys my immune system enough weekly preventing it from attacking my organs as long as it's working. I'm blessed & thank God it has.

By December 2017 my heart had stabilized enough for me to begin physical therapy enough to start back to Yoga, they didn't realize it was the DDP form and at that point I had been bedridden, needing a wheelchair to go to appointments and out of the house. I rarely was downstairs and normally in my bedroom all day which had been going on since October 2017.

By April 2018, I went to a visit to see my main Boston doctor and her shock as she did not believe in diet and exercise, holistic healing life fighting these diseases I had. She didn't want me to have false hope i believe as this is end stage autoimmune disease I am in where the diseases are trying to kill you.

I walked into my appointment without a cane. My weight was still high with inflammation & water retention but, I was getting my strength back which was a big part in me fighting back & healing. If I couldn't get out of bed I couldn't heal & DDP Yoga is the reason I'm able to combat the loss of strength from these autoimmune diseases attacking my muscles and connective tissue.

With changes to my diet to the plant Paradox diet which is more towards Scleroderma and changing my daily healing regiment along with my DDP Yoga. I have healed all of my organs with diet & holostics and am back to having most of my strength back using my DDP Yoga. Whatever was making me retain water & inflammation  - that is finally getting beaten too. I was 225, more inflammation & water weight than I ever have had back in April 2018 & as of September 19th 2018 I'm at 179 pounds.

My normal weight is 125, I'm almost half way there and confident I'm getting remission from these diseases. I'm currently off my heart medications & steroids for inflammation and they've had to decrease my weekly chemo by two doses with my weight loss being so much. I'm still stable. I'm battling still daily, as these diseases are aggressive and for life but, I couldn't do it & be able to do things like watching my granddaughter for my daughter today, I couldn't even lift her last winter I had no strength and walk when we went to Walt Disney World this past April. I was absolutely proud to say I didn't use my wheelchair for the first 3 days or my cane and did 12,000 steps day one, 12,000 steps day two and day 3 at Walt Disney World  I walked 17,000 steps after using my DDP Yoga DVDS to get my strength back.

With autoimmune diseases you can't use normal cardio or strength exercise. Weight lifting or heavy cardio will trigger the autoimmune diseases to get worse is the bottom line. DDP Yoga gently combines yoga to relax, breathing techniques which are important for everyone but especially those of us with autoimmune diseases and strength building with the resistance. It stretches your muscles & connective tissue. I can't Express how important and life changing and saving this is to be combined into one program that also encourages and supports a healthy healing diet that is AIP friendly too. I had to find a way to exercise that wouldn't trigger my autoimmune diseases and that I could do no matter how sick I became with them during flare ups. DDP Yoga is that program & my mainstay exercise routine for life.

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