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In may 2013 I weighed approx 282 Pounds , I was on medication for both very high blood pressure and  my heart , when I would bring my daughter out I would struggle to walk without stopping to catch my breath , I had constant chest pains if I walked any more than 5 minutes 


I was 34 years old and not in good shape , I used to work as a Bouncer so between Drinking , late nights , eating at the wrong time i really piled on weight and didn't even realize it. I decided to try and lose weight and get my blood pressure down and sort out my heart, I decided I would do it my way so I came off the medication against the Doctor's advice, the first month the weight came off very slowly I just cut back on food and did a bit of exercise daily , it was very frustrating and I think now I was close to giving up. That is until I discovered DDP YOGA, as I said I am a Big wrestling Fan , The Undertaker is my Number one and i always liked Jake Roberts as well.


I was Googling Jake to see how he was getting on when i came across your Program. To be Honest had it  not been for the fact that you were a wrestler maybe I would not have read on I could not believe how well both You and Jake looked , and then I read Arthurs story and thought BANG!!!!! THIS IS OR ME  


Your Program has helped me so much and I really cannot thank you enough , you really made me believe in myself with the work you did with Jake. 


I now weigh 201 Pounds , I feel great and love doing your workouts , I do Fat burner and red Hot core 3-4 times a week , I feel its only now that I am really getting into it because before it was abut my weight loss where as now it is part of my every day life and will remain that way. I am going to try and move up to tougher levels in the next few weeks. I returned to the doctor a few months back and while he was still angry my heart rate is normal and my blood pressure is perfect. He asked how I did it and I explained it was down to DDP and his Program, the doctor said he would recommend it to other patients as well.


I cannot thank or praise your program enough and have tried to get friends and family to do it. It's made such a difference to me both Physically and mentally , I have a very happy and proud wife and my daughters are now struggling to keep up with me instead of the other way around. Once again thank you so much!


In 10 months i have lost approx 80 pounds and turned my life around both physically and mentally, gonna keep it up and set myself new goals.


Hopefully you will come back to Ireland again soon for the Workshop , would love to attend one of those!


You were so pleasant and a real gentleman when we met you , so I think the Undertaker may have to take a Back seat To Diamond Dallas Page from Now on as my number 1 ,unless he brings out deadmanyoga!


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