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72-Year Old Turns Back the Hands of Time in Less Than One Year!

"I didn't feel 72-years old.  I still feel like I'm in my's almost like if you stick it out you can't fail... you can't!"

We hope Diane's story can inspire others that it's never too late start something new and dramatically change your life!  The DDPY Rebuild Program was specifically designed for those with limited mobility and for those who think there's no workout they can do -- workouts start in the bed, and progress to the chair, then standing with the support of a chair.  We believe that anything is possible and the senior population needs a consistent exercise program that is accessible to them!

You can purchase the DDPY Rebuild program as a DVD set or get access to all our workouts via our DDP YOGA NOW App, which offers programs for seniors as well as for those who suffer from morbid obesity or have severe or chronic lower back pain.

For more about DDPY Rebuild visit:

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