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Andy Green

I was never someone who worried about exercise my whole life. Every time that I would try any kind of workout program, it always seemed just too hard for me. I tried all of the latest trendy fad diets, which some of them caused me to lose weight initially, but all of the weight seemed to come back within a few weeks of starting those diets. So I gave up on dieting. This past November I had surgery on my left hip to repair a labral tear that I had gotten at work 7 years ago, which put me on Worker's Comp and left me unable to work for that period of time. I wasn't doing a whole lot of moving around after the surgery, except for physical therapy. During that time I packed on quite a bit more weight. I was contemplating looking into gastric bypass surgery. Then I a video on YouTube of Arthur Boorman, who was once a disabled veteran. It was a very emotional video and it really touched me deeply. Arthur never gave up. He believed in himself. That made me think that I shouldn't give up on myself so quickly. So my wife and I ordered the DDP Yoga 2.0 program and have been following the nutrition guide that came with it. Thanks to DDP I have lost 37 pounds in 13 weeks, and I am always looking forward to my next DDP Yoga session each day! I am very thankful that I found DDP Yoga. Not only am I losing weight and keeping it off, I am also more motivated than ever and I have a greater feeling of accomplishment and self worth. I cannot say this enough; Thank you DDP for this program!!!

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