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Angela Penn

Name: Angela Penn

Hometown: Archer City, Texas

Starting Weight: 324 lbs

Age: 22

Goal Weight: 180 lbs

Health Conditions:
Back pain, Raynaud's Phenomenon

Started DDPY:
June 2017

Done DDPY For: 13 months

Weight Lost:
70 lbs

Reduced back pain, lost weight, decreased hand pain from Raynaud's Phenomenon

Hello, I am Angela Penn and live in the small town of Archer City with my husband. I am 22 years old and heard about DDP YOGA from a friend as well as testimonies on YouTube. One day, as I was trying on clothes in a dressing room of what is considered a “big girl” department store, I noticed that I had gone up another size in clothes. When I went to pick the next size up, I realized that I was in the biggest size of clothing that this particular store carried. My heart immediately sunk and I was disappointed in myself once again which wasn’t something new when I was trying on new clothes. However, as soon as I left that store, it didn’t stop me from going to McDonalds and indulging in unhealthy food. It was in that moment, that I realized something had to change, that I was tired of being this big and unhealthy.

A few weeks later, my husband and I visited friends who had been participating in DDP YOGA. At this point, I was wanting to change my life but wasn’t doing a thing to change it. It wasn’t until after watching a testimony for DDPY that my whole point of view changed. I immediately ordered the Max Pack and was excited to begin. After receiving my package and doing that first Diamond Dozen workout, I haven’t stopped. 

I started this journey at 324 pounds and after just five short months, I am down 50+ pounds with a new weight of 274 pounds. My goal is to be at 180 pounds this time next year and healthier than ever. After I reach my goal weight, I want to continue using DDPY to tone my muscles and remain physically fit.

Some of the things I have changed in my life to reach my goal has been to work out four times a week along with eating clean. Here's how I've changed my eating:

  • gone completely gluten and soy free
  • drastically cut down my dairy intake
  • limit unnatural carbs
  • switched to organic sugar for on rare occasions of usage
  • drastically cut down sugar intake
  • eliminate drinking sodas
  • increase protein consumption
  • eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Some of the challenges I have faced so far include plateaus, getting sick and not being able to work out, and ankle injury. I have also faced days in which it was hard to stick to my lifestyle change and have given in to temptation. However, after these minor setbacks, I have been able to jump back into my healthy routine without hesitation.

I  am still a proud member of Team DDP YOGA Member Under Construction. I am striving for my goals and pushing myself to new limits to better my health. This is not just a diet to lose the weight for me, this is a lifestyle change that has truly enhanced my life for the better. DDPY has helped me save my own life, and to live a better life for myself and family.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story and hopefully inspire others to change their life for the better!


Update - August 2018

One year ago I began my journey with DDPY at a staggering weight of 325 pounds. I ate fast food regularly and was not active besides walking minimal distances. I had a lot of back pain and overall was fatigued a majority of the time. A friend introduced me to the program and I immediately wanted to try it based on the inspiring testimonials I had watched and read. After receiving my DVD’s, I began the program immediately jumping into the clean eating. The first few workouts, such as Stand Up and Fat Burner, had me sweating and swearing.

If only I knew then where I would be now after a year of using DDP YOGA. The first set of DVD’s were tough and I didn’t know how in the world I would ever get to the other sets. However, as time went on, the first sets of DVD’s challenged me a little less and I decided to jump into the second set of DVDs after 6 months. I just thought the first disk was tough (Lol), the second set was even more challenging, and there were days that I would fall over after doing them. I started slow with Below the Belt, Strength Builder, and of course Red Hot Core. I procrastinated doing the Diamond Cutter workout because I felt sure I couldn’t do it.

Then, as time progressed, so did I. I became stronger and more empowered, which led to completing my first Diamond Cutter workout. I don’t think I have ever sweated and sworn more than I did with that workout. I got used to doing it a couple of times a week and was eating clean. I allowed myself 1 cheat meal a week and worked out all but 2 days a week.

About three months ago, I hit my first health obstacle, I had stomach pain and couldn’t hold anything down. I lived off of crackers and sprite as I awaited the diagnosis of what could possibly be going wrong with me. I was eating healthy, working out, and overall was getting more healthy, why was this happening? It took months of tests to diagnose me and in those few months, I had no motivation and didn’t work out at all, I slept. I was finally diagnosed with esophagus ulcers, a small hiatal hernia, and acute gastritis in late July of this year. I was put on a medication that I have to take religiously for the next few months, but within a week of my diagnosis, I was already feeling a lot better.

I got my motivation back and started back eating clean and feeling amazing. I had to gain endurance and muscles back, plus lose the ten pounds I had gained while being sick. I jumped right back into the second set of DVDs and my clean eating habits. I have been back in the swing of things now for a month and am back to feeling empowered and motivated. I am at 70 pounds down with a new weight of 255 pounds and am down 3 shirt and pant sizes from a 26-28 to an 18 or XL. I am losing inches while gaining muscle and can't wait to see what the next year holds for me.

I love my DDPY and the amazing impact it has had on my life, it truly has saved me! I am getting stronger every day and owning my life! Thank you to the DDPY family for always being supportive and empowering!

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