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Barry Smith

My story begins at the end of 2017, it had been quite easily the worst year of my life and after going through some real relationship challenges that forced me to hold a mirror up against myself and take a good look, that's something I had not done for some time.  I had been overweight now for around 15 years, a very sedentary lifestyle and a major overeater had taken its toll and my weight was moving between 260 - 270lbs.  I had fully accepted the persona that I was the guy in the room that would eat the most and make fun of that fact as if to say I didn't really care, I shopped in a UK big man clothes chain and even joked to all that I got my clothes at "fatimo".  As November time approached I was busy making a lot of changes in my life on the back of my relationship issues and decided it was time to embark on not only improving myself mentally but also physically with the goal of having a much more active life with my family.

I had always been a wrestling fan growing up and somehow on my facebook feed the Arthur video popped up, I was overwhelmed by the challenges he had faced and overcome.  I discussed this with my wife who said she had seen that video years ago! I also talked it with some work colleagues on the tube on the day who just made a jokey comment about a man my size doing "downward facing dog", at that point I wavered thinking maybe it wasn't cool to do Yoga.  I decided to take the plunge on black Friday sale and then did a few tutorials before Christmas to get the feel.  Over Christmas, I started reading the meal plans and decided to go phase 2 and hit it hard from January 1st.  At this time my wife decided to join me but I don't think she was fully sold on the idea initially.

Jan 1st we started and have never looked back, the program has done wonders not only for our health and fitness but has brought us closer together after a really difficult period.  We cook, train and inspire each other every single day if one of us is down the other hauls us back on the mat and we feel like we accomplish amazing feats every single session.  We are both gluten/dairy/wheat free as much as possible but do not make it so restrictive that we can't have to treat meals within reason, it doesn't even feel like we are on a diet more like a lifestyle change and this makes it so easy to run with long term.  We work out  5-6 evenings a week once the kids are in bed we aim to do at least 45 mins but usually, the 60 mins live workouts are our favorites.  The program has set our lives on such a positive that we feel like totally different people this is having such a massive impact on all aspects of life, at work I can finally wear a suit and my confidence has increased tenfold.

So, Jan 1st I started at 260lbs, I am now at 192lbs(Aug) my original goal was to reach 200lbs I smashed that target in 6 months.  My next goal is to be 180lbs, however, I don't really focus on the scales that much these days.  My clothes I have gone from a XXL to a large sometimes medium and jeans waist 40" to 32".  

I have tried so many fitness gimmicks over the years but nothing compares to DDPY, it really works. The community is a massive difference maker here, we all drive each other on every single day with inspirational stories, support, teaching and picking each other up when we fall.  I have never come across anything the likes of that anywhere else.  If my story inspires just one person like so many others have inspired me I will be a very happy man.

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