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Carl Thurlby

In November 2016 I retired from the Police, I visited my GP for a “Well Man check” as a result I was told I had High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and that my Blood Sugar was on the rise and would need to be monitored. My initial response was “Ah, I will be ok, Im fairly fit and bit of gym work and we will get over it” I went back 12months later my Blood Pressure Meds were increased, my Cholesterol was down (Due to Statins) Blood Sugar was rising but still in the Pre Diabetes Stage. Yet again my head was buried in the sand so to speak, I was 54years old with a beautiful caring young family, my wife mentioned to me DDP YOGA her friend Haydn from her youth was involved. YOGA- For Me? – Really!!! In June I again visited my GP, and yes you’ve guessed it, I had hit the diabetic threshold. I was prescribed Metformin, but advised that there were side effects, as such I would start the course after our Summer Holiday. I did my research, into DDP Yoga and signed up along with my wife, also I studied the effects of taking on The Blood Sugar Diet. I was 6.2” Tall, weighed in at 260lb (119Kg) wearing XXL clothing. We returned from our Holiday, I hung the box of Metformin on the bedroom mirror, and started the programme immediately having consulted with my Diabetic Nurse. I adopted a very Low Carb Diet, (800-1000 Calories a Day) Which I recorded I monitored my Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Weight, and recorded all this to. I started to sleep better, I didn’t need to get up in the night for the toilet, my joints were free I could walk first thing in a morning without hobbling. After 4 weeks I had to return to my GP as my Blood Pressure was low (107/65). My Meds were reduced. The weight started to fall off me. I continued with my plan, I thought I would struggle with the No Carbs, but found it easier than expected (No Potatoes, No Bread, No Rice, and no Pasta) We were both enjoying DDP, learning together, finding time to be together, finding inspiration from the package and the support of Haydn (Who inspires me all the time along with Laura) Haydn even popped up and delivered a Workshop for four of us to keep us going (thanks mate) On the 5th November 2018 I had my blood test, and week later I returned for my Result:- I now weighed 223 lbs (101.4Kg) a loss of 36lbs in 12 weeks, my blood pressure remains low at around 112/70. But the high light being, I have reversed my Type 2 Diabetes. (Remission) There is still a journey to be had, but at least I took the first step. Without taking the tools and instructions out of the box you cant fix the problem Thanks DDP for the Tools and Instructions

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