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Cathy Anderson

I didn't even want to look at myself in the mirror anymore.  I felt awful all the time.  My son Thomas told me about DDP Yoga and asked me to consider doing this for myself.

I believe the before picture was in September 2015.  And I started the workouts and watched portions, cut carbs and sugars.  I was amazed at how the weight started to drop and I was feeling better.  Then I had my physical in January of 2016 and my doctor diagnosed me as pre diabetic.  She asked me to go to classes that I couldn't afford. So I met with a dietician and asked her and the doctor if I could try on my own and if the numbers and weight didn't change by my 6 mont6h recheck, I would go to the classes.  Not only did I drop about 15 pounds, but I was no longer a pre diabetic.  And to this day have stayed off that list and am still going.  I started at 265 pounds and today I am at 181.  My goal when I started was 180.  I am still under construction.

I thank my don Thomas, Stacey Morris for her Healthy Eating book and all the support I am receiving from the DDP Yoga website.  So if you are having trouble deciding on whether to make that change, do it.  I feel a lot better and am glad I made the change.  I went from a 22 W pant to a current 14, and a 2x top to a current size large.

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