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Dan Lodge


I've been overweight pretty much my entire life, or at least as long as I can remember. I'd tried going to the gym, and I'd tried playing sports but nothing had worked so I kinda just stopped trying. When it came to sports, I'd find other ways to be involved without actually playing, something that still applies today. 

A real turning point for me was starting university as a mature student in October and it was a big lifestyle change, as you're meeting new people and you're in new environments. At this time I'd been annoyed at being overweight for a long while. For pretty much all of my teen years, I didn't care, I focused on other stuff, but as I got into my early twenties I didn't have a good self image, I hated the way I looked. I'd found DDP YOGA through the infamous Arthur Boorman video, and figured that if he could completely change his life, that I should be able to do the same, so I quit the gym and adopted the app. DDP YOGA offered me a way to exercise and improve myself in my own home and away from any possible judgement, because that was one of the things I hated about going to the gym. Being overweight and unfit in an environment where the vast majority of people are in good shape was a major motivation killer for me. For lack of a better word, I felt inadequate. 

I'm currently down by 28lbs, and while the forward facing photos don't do that justice, the side facing photos hopefully do. I'm still nowhere near my goal yet, but I guess it's kinda hard to say that because I don't have a specific goal weight. I'm looking more at my appearance than my weight. So for a long-term goal, I just want to be able to be happy with my appearance. For the short-term, my goal is to hit 170lbs. Then after that, I'm aiming for 160lbs, then 150, then 140, and further if necessary. While I may not have a specific long-term goal weight, I know my short-term goals will eventually all add up and I'll just know when I get there.

Looking back at my old life, one thing I'd never thought I'd do is cut out the takeouts. I pretty much depended on them. I wasn't too happy with my old job and I was always so tired and fed up when I got in that l'd just order something online because it was easy. After a long day, the last thing I'd want to do is start cooking. And when you get to that stage you don't think of anything past eating it, because you're exhausted and you kind of stop caring. It's surprising how much damage they do after a prolonged period, when you're in that routine and we're not talking once every now and then, we're talking two or three times a week. It's a shame I never enjoyed the gym as much as I do pizza.... that said, I also never thought I'd eat so little chocolate, because that was also another crutch of mine. If it wasn't takeouts, it would be chocolate or crisps (potato chips), but I've hardly touched any since I started the DDP YOGA plan. I'm also so much more positive about my life, having gained a big reputation for negativity among my friends. Having a more positive outlook on life is something I really would never have imagined. Luckily, positivity breeds positivity so I'm slowly changing my thought patterns.

Since taking on DDP YOGA I've plateaued a few times in my  plan, as my body has started to adjust. I have to keep reminding myself that, even if I'm the same from the week before or with the past few weeks, it's not necessarily a negative - I've still not put on any weight. And at times it can be as simple as that; if it's not a negative, it's a positive. Support from others also plays a big role for me, and a friend of mine once told me "It doesn't matter how long the road is, or how fast you're going, as long as you keep moving forward" and that really helps.

I can honestly say, if it wasn't for DDP YOGA, I wouldn't be having half as much fun in my life as I am now. It's literally transformed me, not as much physically as I'd like, but I know I'll get there eventually. Plus my new job as a podcaster and student radio presenter has seen the benefits, as I'm no longer constantly out of breath, and I don't panic as much. So DDP YOGA has changed my mentality, my physicality and has hugely improved my work, I literally can't say enough about it!

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