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I am 32 years young I live in Colorado and have always been pretty active. I played in sports growing up, always been into the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking… My whole life I have been a little on the heavy side though. Over the last 8-9 years I had gained the most weight. About three years ago I had heard about DDP Yoga from a gentleman whose house I was doing some side work on. He told me about the Arthur Video when I got home I looked it up and thought I can do that. I ordered the dvd’s up and jumped in and did DDP Yoga for about two weeks, then I just quit. I knew it could help me but I didn’t want to give time to do it. Fast forward to last year… I spent the first part of the year being sick with the flu then bronchitis, and then I had the pleasure of dealing with a kidney stone for 6 months. I was getting bigger and I knew I was headed down the wrong road. So I thought I would look at exercising again, I went back to the DDP Yoga and after reading nutrition section the light bulb finally dinged! I got onto you’re the website and found that there was now an app.


So, I subscribed to the app and really liked it. From the work outs to the food it has been the perfect thing to help me make the change. I then made the decision I am not going to live the way I was because my health, my family’s health is way too important to me. If at 32 years old having to deal with being sick a lot and kidney stones, where would I be at 60…  So, when I started this lifestyle change which was almost 15 weeks ago I was 214 pounds, I am only 5”6” so definitely on the heavy side.  The biggest change right off the bat was how we were eating. We didn’t jump into the phase 3 right off the bat. I tried to change my portion sizes, instead of my meats and potatoes being the biggest portions my greens became that. We quite eating processed food, I also make all of my breakfast and lunches for my work week on Sunday and I believe that has really helped me with food choices. I didn’t expect to lose much weight but I have been telling myself if I am eating good and working out there is nothing more I can do… and I can hang my hat up at the end of the day feeling good about that. On the workout side I started with the beginner program, because I didn’t expect much changes I didn’t do the initial measurements and photos, and I so regret that now! We didn’t even have a scale in the house the only reason I knew my starting weight was from going to the doctor from being sick. The First month I followed the program to a “T” and at the end the month I felt pretty good and decided to get a scale and take some measurements. To my surprise I was less than 200 pounds. Start of Second month I decided to set some goals, I wanted to be at 170 pounds in a year with more flexibility and core strength. I tried the synergy work out and loved it being longer, Since then I have been doing mostly live workouts 6 days a week, with some RHC and some others from time to time. But I really like doing the live work outs. End of Second month I was under 180 pounds and now I am weighing 163 pounds, 51 pounds lost BANG! There has been days where I didn’t feel like doing it but I got on my mat anyway, there has also been days where I felt wore out and I struggle even engaging muscles and getting my heart rate up, but I get on my mat anyways. Since the end of month three I have changed my goals, I am shooting for 150 pounds and I am wanting to keep getting stronger more flexible, but I also am now getting people asking me if I have lost weight. And I want to start to encourage others to own their life. Both of my parents or starting to do ddp yoga and it has been life changing. So my biggest thanks goes out to every single person who makes it possible for me and everyone else to own their life, if it wasn’t for DDP teaching me how to work out, how to eat, him and everyone else encouraging me I would not be where I am today. You guys make a huge difference in people’s lives and that be itself is so amazing thank you!

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