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Gavin Mannering

Hi my name is Gavin Mannering from Poole, Dorset United kingdom I'm 33 years old I've been big most of my life from the age of 10 I had an amazing childhood but I always felt that because I was big that I didn't fit in as I got older I just settled for the fact that I.was destined to be big  

I was a very fussy eater wouldn't eat anything good for me wouldn't eat no vegetables no fruits no meats just rubbish processed food like chicken nuggets sausages pizza chocolate would binge eat late at night eating all fatty foods lots of. Cheese sweats junk food takeaways etc

After a long spell of paranoia and low self esteem all down to my weight and my mum worried that I was going to a heart attack if I did not do anything to loose weight id joined gyms in the pas and quit weeks.after feeling intimidated so at new year 2016/17 I vowed that that Gav had died and a new Gav was born

Something clicked head and if I knew what it was I would bottle it up and sell it at new year I weighed.189kg after joining ANYTIME FITNESS in Poole after seeing a lot of DDP's work it inspired me that if it was possible for Arthur after every thing he was told then I could do the same

I changed my diet I went cold turkey and cut all junk food all chocolate cake chips takeaways everything that was bad about my past and I now eat lots of fruit and.vegetables lean meats like beef steak chicken fish all things that I dint like before every night I watch DDP yoga on facebook and YouTube and it inspired me more and.more being a DDP fan since.I 6 and following him ever scince

Since January the 1st I have lost 40.6kg taking my weight down 149kg I aim to loose another 50kg by xmas.2017 I've lost 89lbs in just 75 days or 2 1/2 months I train now 4days a weak I wont get of the bike till I do at least 26k per session.doing abs and upper body training

I can now run a round after my 3 boys.playing football ect going to the park where before I had no energy thanks DDP AND DDP YOGA FOR GIVING ME THE INSPIRATION TO TURN MY LIFE AROUND

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