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John Martin

I started DDPYOGA in May of 2015. Hearing and seeing the stories and undeniable results it has had with people like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall, I knew the results were it was something I wanted for myself as well. Finally, while listening to Chris Jericho talk up DDPYOGA on his podcast, I finally gave in a made the decision to order. 
Without a doubt it was the best decision I've ever made. As a pro wrestler, as well as a coach for middle school soccer and baseball, DDPYOGA has made every aspect of my life better. The pains that go with being a wrestler have significantly lessened, and I can do moves in the ring that just were not possible back in 2014. I also can work out with the young men that I coach, which inspires them to work harder. After all, "If Coach can work hard, I can too." 
Since starting DDPYOGA, each team I've coached have won league championships. Also, I have inspired many of my fellow wrestlers and even fans to "Own their lives" and work on their own fitness. I can say that dozens of people have also joined the DDPYOGA family strictly from seeing my results, and knowing that DDPYOGA had to be the real deal if it did what it did for me. I followed the fitness plan (not ALL the way, I still like my tequila and rum) and ate much cleaner. When I started DDPYOGA I was around 220lbs, but I cut all the way down to 168lbs in roughly a year. My goals for fitness were Step 1: Lose the gut. Step 2: Put on some muscle. As it stands, I'm deep into "step 2," but DDPYOGA is without a doubt what got me through "step 1."  I would, and have recommended this program to anyone who is looking to turn their lives around 

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