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Peter VanLeeuwen


June 20th of this year I had gone to the Dr. and found out I have Type II Diabetes. The Dr. said with Diet and exercise, if I could lose approximately 80 lbs, I could
Turn the dependency of being on the medication to control my sugar levels into strictly diet controlled. I am bound and determined to lose the weight and DDP Yoga has been a great motivator and program for this. Four months prior to finding out about being diabetic i knew a change was in order. As a lifelong wrestling fan i knew DDP had this yoga program and saw what it did for Jake "The Snake" Roberts. I started doing the research and reading the articles,I couldn't find anything written badly about DDP Yoga. When i was diagnosed it was time to get going and purchased the program.I was a lazy guy but I did Beginner Beginner program for 2 weeks and saw how non impact and easy it was. i then upgraded to Fatburner 2.0 and have been doing that for the last 4 months, 5x a week!! I now have the energy after a 10 hour day of being a mechanic to do 30 mins of Fatburner 2.0.,work around the house, and then go for a walk with my dog for 1.5 miles (If there was only a  DDP Yoga program for the dog so he can keep up). DDP Yoga has changed my life! I am alot more active at home and alot more productive at work. My only regret is knowing about it and not doing it sooner. Oh and the physical difference is amazing too! for the past 25 years i've worked physical jobs  which over time have had my back and knees hurting now at age 41. With DDP Yoga I've noticed my knees dont pop and crack back has felt the best it has in years and I dont seem to have anymore of those "random, aging joint pains" anymore. I cannot stress enough to the naysayers that this program works! I'm just a regular guy who wanted a change and knew he needed to be healthier and DDP Yoga has done this and then some for me. For the price i paid and the improvements its made there's still not enough thank yous that i can send to DDP Yoga that would even remotely cover it.  The proof is in the photos I weighed 277 Lbs when i started DDP Yoga. Between the diet program in the Kit and DDP Yoga DVD's, as i write this letter, i am now @ 221 lbs. with at least 21 more to go.

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