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Rob Goodrich

Name: Rob Goodrich

Hometown: Madison, AL

Starting Weight: 288 lbs

Goal Weight: 220 lbs

Started DDPY:
August 2017

Done DDPY For: 9 months

Weight Lost:
138 lbs

What made me "change?"

Tired of not having a workout routine that I could seem to commit. to long-term. I wanted to find something that I could do until they put me in a box. I golf and have done boot-camp, cross-fit, spin, etc. Over a period of 2 years (2014-2015), I did 20 half marathons and a half ironman. I burned myself out and crossed that stuff off my "bucket list." I have had a yoyo weight and fitness since I retired from the Army in 2005. Staying in shape in the Army was easy. Once I retired in 2005, it got tough! Heaviest was 319 lbs in Oct 2012 just 7 years after retiring from the Army at 239lbs. I am just over 6'4". Now working in Afghanistan -AGAIN- and the "must be fit for duty" clause of the contract is a definite motivator. Daddy wants to get paid- check that- Momma wants to see Daddy get paid! HA!

What role does DDP Yoga play in my journey?

It is something that I feel I can do FOREVER... much like some people play golf until their late years or tennis. Plus the variety of workouts allows me to mix it up and avoid the boredom that can sap my motivation.

What's my end goal?

I'd like to get back to my retirement weight - 239 lbs - but quite frankly, the way the weight has been shifting and dropping, I think my college graduation weight of 220 lbs is doable. But it is not so much about the # on the scale, it is how I feel and look that is more important. And I am feeling awesome, and I have folks comment on the "transformation they can see."

Am I there yet?

No, but definitely in route. I had dropped from 319 lbs to 255 lbs from Oct 2012 July 2013. But I started creeping back up. Lame excuses, but we re-located, job change, wife had a breast cancer fight, etc. Got away from the gym and sat on my butt. Poor pitiful me phase, basically. When I took the job to work in Afghanistan in Dec 2016, my weight was 285 lbs or 288 lbs. I started DDP YOGA in Aug 2017, as I write this on 20 Oct, I am at 250 lbs. I know you can do the math- but that is roughly 30(+) lbs dropped in 9 weeks!

What things have I changed?

Eating habits. I LOVE FOOD... I LOVE TO EAT.. and I am damn good at it. But I have all but eliminated sugar. I usually drink close to 2 pots of coffee a day and used to drink it with sugar. Now, I drink it black and am down to only drinking a pot. I limit bread, rice, potatoes. I quit drinking alcohol- that is another story altogether. My cheat day is on Friday. I allow myself a piece of whatever pie they are serving for dessert. My only work out is DDP YOGA. If I am feeling good, I do a double, if not, I just do the "Diamond Cutter" workout and move on.

What challenges have I faced and overcome?

I get bored easy, but DDP YOGA and the different workouts give me a chance to mix it up some. Since Aug 15, 2017, I have only missed a DDP YOGA workout two days - that's it. But I have more than made up for it by the occasional doubles I have done. I love the tapes- I love how Dallas tells you to "make it your own" "get back up" and especially in the Diamond Cutter when he is complimenting and talking to "Big Rob." I know it is silly, but it seems like he is talking to me.

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