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Murray Thomson FastTrack Coach (3 Months)


When you choose Murray as your FastTrack Coach, he will guide you through your personal transformation journey for three months. You will have full access to all DDPY workouts, healthy recipes, and motivational content during this time.

I’m Murray and I’m Scotland’s first Certified DDPY Instructor. I have been involved in fitness and nutrition coaching for 17 years and worked for a number of clubs in the Scottish Football (soccer) Leagues upon graduating with a degree in Sport and Exercise Studies from the University of Stirling in 2012. I was first introduced to DDPY in 2014 as a means of helping me recover from a debilitating hip injury, which had caused me extreme pain for five years. Within three months of starting the programme, my pain was gone and I’ve been DDPY’s biggest supporter since!

In order to reach as many people as possible, I launched my own fitness and nutrition coaching business, NXT Level Fitness, in 2016. Through my various in-person and online coaching programmes, I’ve been able to positively impact the lives of thousands of clients.

My coaching ethos is to support and help you achieve life-changing results through the implementation of small, sustainable habits. Across my years of experience and having coached thousands of clients online and in-person, this approach has been refined to ensure you will receive world-class coaching and achieve jaw-dropping results. I see every day as a school day and I’m always on the lookout for the most current research studies and training courses that I can complete in order to become the best coach for you.

Certified DDPY Instructor and FastTrack Coach

BA (Hons) Sport and Exercise Studies

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Golf Fitness Specialist

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Certified Online Trainer

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified Senior Fitness Specialist


FastTrack Clients who do not have active memberships to the DDP YOGA NOW app will be granted full access to all DDPY workouts during their coaching period.

Transformation Testimonials


I joined Murray's Online Programme with the view of toning up my body and helping with ongoing wrist and hip pain.I was a bit worried at first that I would get lazy and not do all the workouts, but it helped to have to check them off and be held accountable. I also thought it might be too rigid and I would have to monitor everything I eat and follow a strict routine but it hasn't been like that at all. I actually enjoy the workouts because they're not painful on my body and Murray helped me to modify the sessions where appropriate.My wrist pain is now gone, my hips aren't sore during long walks and I've greatly improved my eating habits, too. 10/10 - would recommend to anyone!


After 8 weeks in Murray's online coaching programme I'm more flexible, particularly in my hamstrings, and my back doesn't feel so sore from sitting at my desk all day.I'd sort of come to terms with having hamstring problems all the time and I'd stopped playing football a few years ago because of them. I'd tried yoga and going to see physios in the past but the issues kept coming back. Perhaps now I'm more determined to get them sorted but you and this programme have given me a sense of optimism that there is a permanent solution.On top of this, I've lost over 3.5kg (8lbs) so far and noticed more muscle definition, particularly in my legs.


"I feel so much better about/within myself..."I always thought I was too busy and tired to go to all the trouble of healthier eating and living, but my time in Murray's online coaching programme helped me realise this wasn't the case.What I learned about portion sizes and the type and frequency of eating well helped me so much. Any reservations I had were put to rest by Murray's positive attitude and his guidance about small changes/steps really helped me achieve my goals.I initially joined the programme just to feel a bit better about myself and was amazed to also lose 4kg (9lbs) and 8cm from my hips and waist. My eating habits have improved, I don't snack as often, I feel so much better about/within myself and I can smile at myself when I look in the mirror!


I came into Murray's Online Programme looking to address issues with my nutrition (snacking and over-eating) and was keen to improve my ability to carve out time for exercise. Any fears I had prior to starting the programme were quickly allayed, as Murray made it very clear that there were different ways to make progress and gauge achievement.The programme was adjusted and adapted as the weeks went on, which meant that I never felt I was missing targets and the usual feeling of failure. It allowed each week to progress knowing that I could learn what went well and what didn't and then, with Murray's help, adjust accordingly for the future. If it had been very rigid or goals set each week without reviewing the previous week, then I would have felt that I was missing targets. So the weekly check-in form and follow-up conversation worked well.After 8 weeks, I now have much better strategies for dividing up food intake over a day. I really enjoyed the DDP Yoga workouts and managed to fit in the sessions even when busy/tired and I've also improved my ability to manage stress.


I joined Murray's Online Coaching Programme to increase my strength and to pack on some muscle mass. I was a bit apprehensive about starting a new training programme and returning to the gym after COVID restrictions had been lifted, but the weekly check-in calls and video demonstrations that Murray provided put any reservations to rest.Murray's in-depth knowledge and the feedback he provided when asked to analyse videos really helped me to get a lot from the programme. I have gone on to gain a few pounds of lean muscle mass and have developed noticeable strength gains, with the weights I've been able to lift going up each week!


I had two goals going into Murray's programme - to increase my movement and flexibility, especially in my back after illness, and to begin to lose some of the weight I gained from the same condition.The fact that this was a flexible, online programme meant I was able to read the required documents and fit the workouts into my busy life when it suited me (usually 9pm!)As a result, I am now able to complete DDPY workouts when a year ago I couldn't bend! I can move more than I expected and my flexibility has improved. I've also lost 4.6kg (10lbs)!

FastTrack Policies

As a FastTrack client, remember that your coach cannot do the work for you! Prior to committing to a DDPY FastTrack Program, please take the time to review our policies and guidelines. 

In the initial two(2) weeks of your program you will have the opportunity to request a refund on your purchase if you feel you have changed your mind. After this time, you will not be eligible for a refund. All refunds will be prorated based on the time within the program. 

In the initial two(2) weeks of your program, if you feel as though you may be more successful with a different coach, you may request to be assigned to another one. After the two week period, you will be unable to change coaches. 

During your FastTrack Coaching period, please communicate directly with your coach to provide any feedback for making your experience the best it can be. If you need to reach out to our management team for any questions, concerns or coaching changes, please email 

The coach-client relationship is an important one. You should both be able to communicate clearly the expectations you both have for one another. Remember that your success is directly related to your adherence to the support and guidance given to you by your coach, so it’s always best to communicate why you are having difficulty following through with what your coach has suggested to you. It is also your FastTrack coaches job to hold you accountable to the plan you’ve both agreed upon – remember they are there to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself! If you have difficulty communicating with your coach please reach out to us at

At any time you feel as though you are not receiving the support and guidance you expected from the FastTrack Coaching program, please reach out to us at so that we can determine what we can do to meet your expectations and help you reach your goals! 

All of our FastTrack Coaches are bound to a code of conduct that outlines the boundaries of their coach-client relationship. If at any time you feel a coach is crossing personal boundaries or is communicating inappropriately, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Customers must communicate responsibly and professionally with their FastTrack Coach. A FastTrack Coach reserves the right to request termination of coaching if they feel it is unsafe for the client, themselves, or DDPY. Clients at risk of termination will receive one written warning from DDP YOGA prior to termination. In such cases, no refunds will be given.