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We Can Rebuild You!

DDPY REBUILD is a unique program designed specifically for those 55 years and older and those who struggle with limited mobility. Through a progressive series of workouts, you’ll build strength, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and turn back the hands of time. If you’re ready to REBUILD YOUR LIFE, then DDPY Rebuild is the perfect fit.


Digital Program Guide

Program Guide Includes:

Introduction to the workouts
13 Week workout grid
Phase 1, 2 & 3 Nutrition Guides
Food Lists (what to eat, what to avoid)Meal Plans
Food Journal
Workout Journal
Progress Journal

Bed Flex I - 14 minutes

This workout is the perfect starting point if you’re injured or just haven’t been active for a while. There is nothing too challenging with this workout and you can do it right from your bed. This will get you moving in the bed to help loosen those joints and help you gain flexibility.

Bed Flex II - 12 minutes

Ready to challenge yourself a bit more? Fill your body with more energy by learning a few more positions with this workout including strengthening your core stomach muscles to make sitting up easier.

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Bed Flex III - 15 minutes
We’re stepping it up a bit more in this workout to help build your endurance. Add this to your routine and then you’ll be ready to move to the Chair Force workouts.

Chair Force Diamond Dozen - 50 minutes
This tutorial walks you through the key positions that make up the Chair Force series. You will learn the names of the different moves and how to properly do them using the chair. You will learn about Dynamic Resistance and how to modify the moves based on your needs.

Stand Strong Diamond Dozen - 46 minutes
The Stand Strong Diamond Dozen walks you through where to position the chair so you can work out safely. In this tutorial, you will learn the same moves as the Chair Force Diamond Dozen, but this time you’ll be learning them in a standing position while using the chair for support and balance.

Chair Force I - 14 minutes
This workout is a good starting point if you are having trouble with balance or standing for long periods of time. You will be working on getting your legs moving and raising your heart rate by using Dynamic Resistance.

Chair Force II - 18 minutes
This time, we’ll be working on strengthening and stretching your shoulders, arms, legs and getting some movement back in your neck. You’ll loosen up your joints and increase your flexibility with this 18-minute workout!

Chair Force III - 20 minutes
Not only will you stretch out those shoulders, arms, and legs, you will work on stretching out your back so you can tie those shoes again!

Chair Force IV - 20 minutes
Build upon what you’ve already learned and challenge yourself a bit further with this workout. A bit more challenging than the previous chair workouts, but you will be gaining more muscle as you work through this 20-minute workout.

Chair Force V - 24 minutes
You should feel stronger and ready to graduate to our Stand Strong series by the time you finish the most challenging and the last workout in our chair workout series.

Stand Strong I - 18 minutes
In this workout, you will be on your feet using a chair to assist you with balance. Use this workout to familiarize yourself with using the chair. Without question, this workout will help strengthen your legs and get your heart rate up!

Stand Strong II - 19 minutes
Adding just a little bit extra in this 19-minute workout, we walk through how to do lunges using the chair to help you balance.

Stand Strong III - 20 minutes
We’ve cranked this one up a notch with a little more time and a new move that will get your heart pumping. This work- out will help you gain back some of that lost energy!

Stand Strong IV - 21 minutes
The fourth and final workout in the Stand Strong series! In this 21 minute long workout, continue engaging your muscles using Dynamic Resistance as you perfect your form in all the moves you’ve learned in this series.

Chair Warrior I - 50 minutes
Build strength in your lower and upper body with Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran who began his transformation by using a chair for additional modifications. Soon, you will find, you won’t need a chair!

Chair Warrior w/ Jake The Snake - 35 minutes
Workout with DDP, Jake the Snake and Alex Ansel. DDP will coach you on how to use the chair, if needed, while working through the moves. This 35-minute workout will increase your heart rate and get the oxygen moving through your body.

Energy - 20 minutes
This workout takes all of the key moves you learned in the Diamond Dozen and combines them into an easy-to-follow flow that gets your body energized! It’s the perfect starting point for anyone getting started with DDPY. And at just over 20 minutes, it’s a quick way to start to make fitness part of your daily routine.

Synergy - 30 minutes
Synergy is an extra workout that is part of our beginner series. It utilizes all the movements and positions you’ve learned so far, but extended to push you past the 30-minute boundary. If you are ready to get out from behind the chair and into the regular DDPY program, give Synergy a try.

Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor
Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor
Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor

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