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Top 5 Reasons you should try DDP YOGA

If you're looking for a fitness program that will completely overhaul your body, mind, and health, here are the top 5 reasons why you need to try DDPY.

1. DDPY Has a Remarkable Track Record

You've probably already seen some of the incredible and inspiring transformation stories from those who have done DDPY. The video to the right will show you just a sampling of the transformations people have shared. None of our transformation stories feature actors or paid-testimonials. Everything you see is 100% the results that people have submitted themselves.

2. Minimal Joint Impact

Very few workout programs will produce the same results as DDPY does without running, jumping, lifting. DDPY was designed to work around injuries, so people that suffer with disabilities, physical limitations, injuries, obesity, and other conditions that limit mobility have been able to achieve incredible results.

3. Strength Building, Flexibility Training, and Cardio in One Workout

You'll find a lot of programs that focus just on flexibility or building muscle, but DDPY does it all. All workouts allow you to work multiple areas and make efficient use of your time. Through body-weight exercises and slow-burn movements you'll build strength, increase flexibility, and burn calories. 

4. Any Fitness Level

No matter your fitness level, you'll be able to modify the DDPY program to suit your individual needs. Whether you're a top athlete or someone who struggles to get out of bed in the morning, you'll find the workouts to be just the right intensity to keep you challenged, without getting frustrated. 

5. An Incredible Support System

The Team DDPY community is incredibly supportive and nurturing. Our online community is a tight-knit family that give you encouragement and motivation as you embark on your journey. Even the founder, DDP, will call people to congratulate them or respond to people's questions directly on Twitter. 

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