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Jeremy Jacobson's Story


About 2.5 years ago I was in horrible pain. My back, my hips and my knees were always hurting. It was awful. Every day I was resting my leg or using a heating pad.  It became unbearable.

After going to the doctor, it was discovered that I have some arthritis in my spine.  Nothing too serious, but at 34 years old, I was surprised.  My doctor recommended stretching to alleviate some of the pain. Yoga seemed like a good way to go.  

I am a lifelong wrestling fan so I was already aware of DDP Yoga. After spending time online and reading a number of positive reviews, I figured it was worth a try. I did a fair amount of research and I kept coming back to DDP Yoga. The best part was that I could do it at home or from a hotel room as I travel for work. I had no excuse about fitting it into my routine.

I am not an athlete, never have been, but I could do this program. Within weeks, I noticed a difference.  The pain started getting less and less and the weight started melting away.  Weight loss was never my primary goal, pain relief was.  But, almost 2 years later I am 90% pain free and down 50 pounds. I am more flexible than I have ever been. I have as much energy as I did in college. My knees/back feel great.  I still have days that are not great, but those days are nothing compared to how they were before DDPYoga.

I started with the beginner program.  It began 3 times per week/20-25 minutes at a time.  I was modifying positions constantly.  Before long, I was doing the positions the same way DDP was on my screen. I worked my way through intermediate. After that I bought disc 3 and 4 to get the more advanced work outs.  My next goal will be DDP Extreme, but I am not there yet.

Today I try to do DDP Yoga at least 4 times per week. This, plus a modification to my diet (basically eliminated crappy food), has given me results I didn’t even think were possible. It is very likely that I am in the best shape of my life today and I am setting a great example for my two small kids.

 I truly believe this program can help folks who are in pain or want to lose weight, the way it did for me.  I never thought I would be into yoga, but I can speak from experience that it works.