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"Diamond" Dallas Page Bio

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE is a retired WCW World Heavyweight Champ (3 times), World TV Champ, US Champ (x2), Tag Team Champ (x4), and with the WWF is a former European Champ and Tag Team Champ. In 2017, he was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. After rupturing multiple discs in his back and discovering the restorative effects of yoga, he created the phenomenally successful DDP YOGA Workout Program that integrates yoga with rehabilitation techniques, calisthenics, and dynamic resistance. He is now a sought-after inspirational speaker and fitness guru who holds live “Inspiration Meets Perspiration” fitness workshops around the world, appears at Comic Cons throughout the world, and is a frequent guest on top-rated radio programs, podcasts, and morning TV shows. The former WCW World Heavyweight champion is also a decorated actor, having appeared in numerous films such as Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects, Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, Driftwood, Gallowwalkers, Splinter, Vengeance, High Hopes, Pizza Man and the comedy gem - Ready to Rumble with David Arquette. He resides in Atlanta, GA.

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