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Meet DDP

Hey guys!  It's me, DDP.  That's right, former 3-time WCW World Champion Professional Wrestler.  If you were never a fan of wrestling, that's ok... because what I'm doing now is so much cooler.  For the last 12 years I've been focusing on developing this amazing new workout system, and I actually have been able to help a lot of people along the way!  I honestly believe that everything I've done in my life has put me in this exact spot... helping others change their lives in a positive way is what I was truly meant to do.  A lot of guys tell me they thought DDP doing some form of YOGA was a huge marketing gimmick, but it couldn't be further from the truth.  DDP Yoga is something I believe in with all the passion in the world.  I have seen it change lives first hand.

So before you go any further, if you haven't watched it yet... take 5 minutes and watch the following video.  It may just show you why I don't mind skeptics... I welcome the opportunity to show them what is possible with the right mindset and the right work ethic.  DDP Yoga isn't a gimmick... see for yourself:



Why did I develop DDP Yoga?  

Necessity! Here’s my back story. I didn’t become a pro wrestler until I was 35 and my career didn’t take off until I was 39. At 40 I was one of the top wrestlers in the world and then at 42 I suffered a potentially career-ending injury. Three doctors said my wrestling career was over. Around that time my wife said I should try yoga to heal my body. I was like, yoga — you’re kidding, right? I always thought yoga was a bunch of spiritual mumbo jumbo. But I was desperate, so I gave it a shot. I was blown away by the fact that yoga was actually helping my body and my mind! But as good as I was feeling, the reality was that yoga wasn’t giving me the intensity I needed in my workout. 

So I started looking at other exercise techniques to help me build more strength. I also wanted a full-blown cardio workout that wouldn’t beat up my body. I teamed up with trainers, nutritionists and kinesiologists and ended up with a workout where I took the basic principles of yoga blended with elements of strength conditioning, Pilates and mixed martial arts.

Now I had invented an “all-in-one-workout” that gave me intense cardio with no impact on my joints, increased flexibility and strength conditioning… and I called it DDP Yoga. Think of it like this: If yoga is a bicycle then DDP Yoga is a Harley! They both have two wheels, but that’s where the similarity ends.

I did DDP Yoga every day and it allowed me to achieve what everyone else believed was impossible. In less than three months I worked my way back to the ring. At 42 years old the doctors said my wrestling career was over, but because of DDP Yoga, at 43 I achieved my ultimate goal in professional wrestling and was awarded the World Heavyweight Championship Title — an honor I went on to hold on three separate occasions.

The bottom line is that I had to open my eyes and realize that flexibility is youth, not just in the body, but also in the mind. Once my mind became flexible… everything else followed.

Like anything in life, you are going to get out of DDP Yoga whatever you put into it. So let me ask you again… what do YOU really want? In three days a week, it can change the way you feel. With a four-day-per-week regimen, it can change your life. If you do it five times a week, you can Own Your Life!

If you want to see the kind of results you can get with DDP Yoga, click on the TRANSFORMATIONS button at the top of the page. You will see how DDP Yoga has changed the lives of people just like you. As you cruise around the site you will be inspired by other people’s stories, but nothing will be more rewarding than seeing how your DDP Yoga story could end up inspiring someone else. Once you order DDP Yoga, you get free access to my online community, TEAM DDP Yoga.

I set it up to give you all of the support you’ll need to reach your goals on your DDP Yoga journey. Join Team DDP Yoga and become a part of our online family! Follow all the instructions and don’t forget to take all seven of the DDP Yoga strength and flexibility pictures exactly the way you are today. These pictures will keep you motivated as you shed pounds, get stronger and feel better immediately. You should take the same pictures every month on the exact same date. You will not believe how quickly your body and your life will change! If you are trying to lose weight then this is also important… make sure you take all the body measurements and weigh yourself on a monthly basis.

The DDP Yoga is not just a workout or an eating plan; it’s a lifestyle. Follow the DDP Yoga Program Guide that is included with the DDP Yoga. This will teach you how to set goals, how to track your progress and how to eat healthy — creating a lifestyle that works for you and gives you the results you want!

Ask yourself, when do you really own something?