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Top 5 Reasons DDP YOGA is the Right Fitness Program for You

DDP Yoga has been gaining a lot of social media attention as of late, and if you're looking for the right fitness program to completely overhaul your body, mind, and health for 2016, here are 5 good reasons why it may be the right program for you.

1) It has a remarkable track record.  You probably have seen some of these stories before, but perhaps you didn't know what program they actually followed.  The following people used the DDP Yoga program to get some pretty mind-boggling results (results are not typical), if you haven't seen them yet, they might just convince you to give it a try.


2) Minimal Joint Impact. There are many effective workout programs out there, but few can offer the same type of results you've seen others have achieved with almost no impact on the joints.  As a program designed by professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page in order to save his wrestling career from major back injury, the program was developed to work around and rehabilitate injuries.  For this reason, many individuals with physical limitations, disabilities, and some suffering from morbid obsesity have been able to do DDP Yoga with great success.  DDP's emphasis on modifications allows even very sedentary individuals to start out without getting too discouraged.

3) It focuses on cardio, strength and flexibility in a single workout. Often fitness programs miss a major aspect of fitness and focus on just one thing.  DDP Yoga allows you to work on multiple fitness areas at the same time, so not only is it a more efficient use of your time, but you won't neglect an area like flexibility (one of the most often missed).  You'll see one of the trademarks of the program has been putting one's leg in the air.

 4) The testimonials are user submitted rather than manufactured.  Other fitness programs will actually cast and pay their testimonials (and sometimes even provide meals) to follow their program to control the outcomes and use the results for marketing.  Not DDP Yoga.  All the testimonials we have on our site were individuals who found the program on their own and achieved their results with little to no help from the company itself. 

5) An incredible support network.  One of the most important parts of any major attempt to change your lifestyle, is support from friends and family.  Among the greatest aspects of DDP Yoga is the online community who have quickly become a tight knit family, ready to encourage you every step of the way.  Even the company's founder, Dallas Page, calls customers daily to thank them for investing in the program.  Visit and their facebook page ( to find out more.

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