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Dr. Tom Walent FastTrack Coach (3 Months)


When you choose Tom as your FastTrack Coach, he will guide you through your personal transformation journey for three months. You will have full access to all DDPY workouts, healthy recipes, and motivational content during this time.

“As a FastTrack Coach my goal is to help guide you through the DDPY program so you can unlock your full potential. I’m here for you every step of the way. You Can Do This!”

I am Dr. Thomas Walent and I am DDPY’s Resident Expert in Blood Flow Restriction Training and PowerCuffs.  I am University Certified in Blood Flow Restriction Training through the University of Tennessee and the BFR Pro’s. I am also a Level 2 DDPY Instructor, a NSPA Certified Nutrition Coach and now available to hire as a premier DDPY Fast Track Coach. I reside in coastal Wilmington, NC, where I work as an Optometric Physician.  Long story short, Eye Doc by day, DDPY junkie by night! 

Since incorporating DDPY into my life in 2017, I have built the body of my dreams and more importantly cultivated an UNSTOPPABLE mindset! I have lost over 30lbs of fat, am much more athletic, flexible, and live pain free. In 2019 I was selected as the runner up of the DDPY $1,000,000 Positively Unstoppable Challenge. One of the driving forces of my transformation has been cultivating an UNSTOPPABLE mindset and setting massive goals. Over the last several years I have been a very influential member of the DDPY community and have coached a considerable number of members in achieving their goals by using my mastery of the DDPY system, my extensive knowledge of exercise physiology and expertise in nutritional science.  I have assisted my clients in fat loss, muscle gain, and even aided several winners of the DDPY Unstoppable Challenge. My overall goal is to support and motivate as many people on the platform as possible!  My biggest strengths as a Fast Track Coach is my knowledge and training, my accountability, and my empathetic nature.  


My passion in life is improving the lives of others and empowering them to Live Their Best Life! Teaching DDPY at the highest level and acting as a Fast Track Coach gives me this opportunity.

All FastTrack Coaching clients will have full access to all DDP YOGA workouts during the 3 month period.

Transformation Testimonials

Bob Wright

I want to express my thoughts and appreciation for Dr. Thomas Walent. I've followed Dr Tom for a few years on social media; knowing he had a passion for weight lifting, I approached him for his training services as a fast track coach. Dr. Tom outlined a 12-week program, which included strength training utilizing a BFR protocol, several discussions outlining and emphasizing proper nutrition and diet consistency, suggestions on maintaining accountability, and weekly meetings. Dr. Tom supported me every step of the way to ensure I met my goals for a successful transformation. He taught me to break down calories in their proper ratios so I understood the benefits of appropriate nutritional macros. He was there to answer my weight training or any questions I had. Regardless of how dumb my questions were, he always welcomed all inquiries in a kind, empathetic manner. Under Dr. Tom's direction, I dropped body fat and gained a respectable amount of muscle mass in my 12 weeks of working with him, and I'm more than pleased with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas Walent as a DDPY FastTrack Coach. With his supportive approach to coaching, he will make fitness and training fun, and you will have success!

Kenny Dunn

Dr. Walent represents the apex of DDPY Fast Track coaching. His advice is always rooted in science and experience and never deviates into the anecdotal. If an answer to my question is more than a sentence he sends me a voice memo with a detailed message which I have found to be extremely helpful. I can say unequivocally that my most serious gains in the gym, losses on the scale and appearance of my physique have been under the direction and guidance of Dr. Tom.

Mike Fugazzi

Working with Dr. Tom has been nothing short of life changing. He is the number one reason I have lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for over 5 years. Dr. Tom is a lifelong learner and a great listener. Upon telling him about my physical limitations from multiple knee surgeries and multiple back diseases, he was able to tailor both a workout and nutrition plan that has made me positively unstoppable! In my 30’s, I was suffering from chronic pain, had gained a lot of weight, and was at a total loss as to how I was going to get through middle age. Things were so bad I was having panic attacks and unable to play with my kids. I had gone to multiple doctors and nothing they suggested ever helped me get my pain under control. It was Dr. Tom and his mentoring that helped me learn about diet and how to go from beginner workouts to advanced BFR workouts using DDPY. Not only did his programming help me manage my pain, but it put me in the best shape of my life! Having a coach that took the time to listen and find ways to support my unique needs was the game changer I needed to own my life!

Jeffrey Dyer

Dr. Tom has inspired me to take my fitness journey to places I would never have dreamed of going. I have been working with him for a little over a year and his guidance on nutrition and workout strategy have provided me the tools to be stronger and healthier. You would have to look hard to find a better mentor and coach.

Thomas Strazdas

Thomas Walent came to me in the midst of an eight month long manic depression and asked me to do a trial run of the developing power cuff program. He told me I was the first person he thought of. This vote of confidence was the exact nudge I needed to get back on the horse in one of the darkest times of my life. His continued mentorship through my run in the positively unstoppable challenge was instrumental in my completion, significant muscle growth and body recomposition during the six months. To this day he is the first person I go to for inspiration and advice whenever I need it.

Jason “Murph” Murphy

In a world where many fitness coaches will do, or say whatever it takes to make a sale, Dr. Tom Walent really stands out. His unparalleled integrity makes him unwilling to recommend anything he has not personally tested or done the scientific research for himself. Not only that, but Dr. Tom actually cares. He gets invested in your success and becomes your biggest cheerleader.