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Patrick Sims FastTrack Coach (3 Months)


When you choose Patrick as your FastTrack Coach, he will guide you through your personal transformation journey for three months. You will have full access to all DDPY workouts, healthy recipes, and motivational content during this time.

For 40 years, I struggled to find the right path.  I was a fat kid, then a high school and college athlete, then a fat adult, then I developed an eating disorder.  After beating my disorder, I developed horrible habits that almost killed me and ballooned my weight to over 300 lbs!  On Easter Sunday, 2021, I started my journey to live my best life!  With DDPY, healthy eating habits and a more active lifestyle, I lost 120 lbs in 6 months during the DDPY Positively Unstoppable Challenge and 150 lbs overall.  I became a DDPY Champion and vowed to earn that title each and every day!  I celebrated my new life by Skydiving, appearing on national television on Let’s Make a Deal (plugging DDPY!!!), and becoming a DDPY Instructor and FastTrack Coach!  In August of 2023, I had Total Shoulder Replacement after years of abuse and lack of care.  As a coach, I understand weight loss, weight management, muscle & strength building, flexibility, working through injury and rebuilding & recovery from injury/surgery.  My story is only beginning though.  Don’t bet against me or anyone I coach!  We ARE Positively Unstoppable!!! 



Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

The Choice is YOURS!

All FastTrack Coaching clients will have full access to all DDP YOGA workouts during the 3 month period.

Transformation Testimonials


Patrick Sims is incredible! He is not only a wealth of knowledge of how the mind & body work scientifically & chemically, but he relays that information so that you can use it to work for & with you. He’s also phenomenal at ‘reading’ people, picking up aspects that you may not even know of… allowing him to easily adapt to your needs and wants to provide the best results. I appreciate that he doesn’t sugarcoat. Patrick will push you, not break you. He works FOR you and to your benefit. He fights for you, even when you may not want him to and/or when you’re giving up on yourself. He has faith in you beyond imagine, defying all your odds… taking your struggles, no matter how severe and turning them to work for you in positive ways. Most trainers will leave you with needing them indefinitely, always feeling like you must continue working with them for as long as you want to maintain or grow your goals. Not Patrick. Patrick believes that a great trainer is not only one that helps you achieve with him, but one that isn’t NEEDED until the end of time. He gives you every tool you’ll ever need to be successful on your own, to know how to grow your goals and achieve them without endlessly needing him. If you’re looking for a Coach that will set you up for endless success during after after your journey with him, then Patrick is your man… Legit one stop for EVERYTHING and every BODY!


Patrick is an incredible coach! My husband and I were shocked with the flexibility results we gained in our three month session. Our strength increased, and the awesome feeling of tightening abs and better fitting clothes grew day by day. Patrick is humble in his teaching, informative, and you really feel like you’re along for the journey WITH him. Thank You Patrick for setting us on a path for lifelong success and health. God bless you and those whose lives you’re going to impact!