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Brian Isom

In early July of 2018 I went with my sons to a Father/Son retreat. While playing one of the crazy camp games I hurt my knee to the point that I could barely get myself out of the car. The weeks following were rough. I was struggling to do my job. Every minute not at work was spent resting so that I could make it to work the next day. One doctor told me that I had arthritis, and after an MRI we saw that I had missing cartilage in my left knee, They wanted me to be off of work for 6 weeks, and have surgery. I didn't feel that I could do this at the time. I was told that it may not get worse if I minimize the impact on that knee.

I started the DDPY program on DVD with my doctors permission, and I can't believe the difference that it has made. Six months ago I was thinking about switching jobs due to my knee injury, and now I am killing it at work, and with my DDPY workouts. This workout program has been a huge blessing. I look forward to seeing my continued improvement. I am just beginning to take my life back, and I am loving it. Thank you for putting this program together, and making it affordable.

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