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Eric Robbins

I injured my back when I was eighteen years old in two different accidents, causing my L5 disc to protrude. As I got older it started to bother me more and more. By the time I was thirty four years old I was living in so much pain it made it hard to work or do much of anything for that matter. It got so bad I started going to a chiropractor then eventually physical theropy and several rounds of prednisone to take the inflammation away. At this point I was unable to pick up my children, exercise, run or event sit without the disc pinching the nerve causing me to scream. I could not roll over in bed or even get out of bed on my own. The pain became so severe that in 2015 I was taking several rounds of decompression therapy, still going to the chiropractor and physical therapy. I eventually went to the Spinal Institute and had seven injections but nothing worked. I went to my wife crying and said something has to change, I can't live like this anymore. I decided to get back surgery and the night I did I came home in tears not knowing what would be the outcome. I sat down at my computer desk and went on youtube in a last attempt, typed in Lower back exercises like I always did and DDP Yoga popped up. I watched Arthur's transformation and decided to give it a shot.

A week later DDP Yoga came in and I was very excited. I immediately started the program. It was hard and excruciating at times doing the workouts but I kept on. I would scream in pain at times as my wife would run it to check on me but I kept on. After the first round I felt a change so I kept on.

It's now been over two years and my life is completely different. I have my life back. I can do anything now. I'm a baseball coach for my sons team. I can run, swim, pick up my kids. I can even jump on the trampoline. Let me prove it to you. DDP Yoga saved my life. I didn't mention I am an airline pilot now which was a dream I thought would never come true. I was in construction for twenty years and went through a string of tragedies when I was younger, preventing me from being able to have a normal childhood. But I knew with hard work I could do anything! I did it! And I want to share my story with the world. Not only my DDPY experience but my life's story.

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