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For anyone who does not know me I am DDP's massage therapist and good friend. I have been working out for at least 12 years so I was definitely Dallas's regular guy recruit.


I got into weight lifting because I had sympathy pains with each 3 kids I had (someone had to because my ex didn't gain any during the pregnancy). By the time Dallas started talking to me about DDP YOGA I was 230lbs, 207 lean mass with 11% body fat. But after bench 405lbs, curling 70lbs, doing dips with 3 45lb plates strap to the waist and leg pressing 1080lbs ALL AS A REGULAR WORKOUT it was time for change. 


Light weight workouts were not helping with the fact that I was still stiff, no flexibility and low back pain. I could not stand up straight in the mornings. Finally, DDP told me to try just a taste of DDP YOGA...................I was blown away..........that something without the use of machines or weights could take soooo much out of me. Nothing and I mean NOTHING challenged me like this in the gym. Now almost a year later at 210lbs I am leaner, stronger, and have huge cardiovascular strength that I never had before. But most importantly at the age of 40 I have flexibility. I no longer have back pain and my legs are even toner then when I use to leg press heavy. DDP YOGA is the best workout I have ever done and wish it was around sooner. I think I can go another 10 years massaging.


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