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Robert H

In April of this year (2013) I made up my mind that I wanted, not just to try, but to make DDP YOGA my new lifestyle. At the time I was 212 pounds and looked and felt terrible. I was the heaviest that I was in my life, even reaching 217 pounds at one point. I had always been active and atheletic my whole life with baseball and pro wrestling, but at some point I let myself go. My diet was not good and I had zero portion control. Over the previous year I had tried P90x and a few other workout programs, but they were just too time consuming, difficult, and honestly not fun. And the biggest thing to me was after all of the work, I saw very little, if any results.

As a lifelong wrestling fan, I have always been a huge fan of DDP and was somewhat familiar with the DDP YOGA program. However, after looking more closely at how much it was changing peoples lives, and looking at previews of the actual workouts on, I had a feeling that this is what I needed in my life. I took the step and bought the first dvd set and I started my journey at the end of April. 

I followed the program guide with the workouts, and made the neccessary changes in my diet, and immediately started seeing results. I lost 2 pounds the first week and have continued to lose weight ever since. Along the way I have turned to for any questions I needed answered, and have even talked to Dallas himself via email. He helped me through a tough  week period when I had to have a minor surgery, and was able to maintain my weight without being able to workout. 


I now do DDP YOGA 6 days a week, and in almost 5 months, I am down 27 pounds! My original goal weight was 185 pounds, and as of yesterday, I am there! I have lost several inches off my waist and just about everywhere else. I had to buy all new clothes as I was swimming in my pants. It is amazing to see such results in such a short period of time. I look forward to doing DDP YOGA each and every day, and now hope to continue to really tone and sculpt my body. 

I will be purchasing the 2nd DVD set this October, actually it will be a birthday gift from my wife, and I cant wait to see what new challenges lie ahead. I really hope to meet DDP at some point, and have even made it a personal goal of mine to appear in a future DDP YOGA dvd with Dallas. I'm sure with my continued hard work I will get there. Thank you DDP YOGA for everything.


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