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I was out of shape all through high school. It really affected the ways others treated me in a negative way. It's a really depressing thing growing up as the fat kid. I tried other diets and exercises (p90x and insanity were no help) and I just kind of gave up. I was putting on even more weight after high school and couldn't take it anymore. I already followed your personal twitter page because I'm such a huge wrestling fan. It's an honor to be emailing you by the way, haha. Anyways I saw you promoting your DDP YOGA. I went on the website and watched the video of Arthur and that really inspired me. I never tried yoga and I loved the fact that I could make the workout my own and nothing about it was too difficult. I started seeing little differences and that's what kept me going. Sure enough, I now weigh as much as I did in the 8th grade. Thank you again for this program. 

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