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Mark C

Fat didn't just happen to me.  It took me almost 40 years to become what my doctor calls “morbidly obese”.  That’s an awful description.  Not only are you fat, but you've hit that magical zone that makes everyone around you sad.

I was "skinny fat" my entire life up until I was about 28 - not an ounce of fat on the outside, but pretty much setting myself up for a future filled with health issues.  


I never exercised, mostly because I didn't have to.  A series of unhealthy food and drink habits finally took their toll on my body, and I started to gain progressively over a 14 year period.  I went from weighing 185 to 242, and had all of the complications - high blood pressure, sleep apnea, panic attacks, alienating friends and family, shortness of breath, constant fatigue, debilitating lower back pain and a dependence of food and booze.  

After several cries for help because I was too lazy and selfish to do anything for myself, a very good friend of mine referred me to Arthur's video.  I watched it 10 times.  And then I got off my ass and started DDP YOGA.  


For the first time in my life, I am doing an exercise program that I look forward to doing every day.  I've lost a total of 41 lbs in a 5 month period, but gained so much more - mobility, respect from my family, awe from others, and more importantly, my life back.  BANG!

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