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When my brother and I met DDP at a convention, we were skeptical that any form of “Yoga” would challenge us at all, but as fans of DDP, we gave it a try. Today, I can honestly say that DDP YOGA has changed my athletics and my life.  


Like many fighters, I was mainly focused on weight training and getting big - I thought that was all I needed to perform better…but I was totally wrong. Even for a professional athlete, DDP YOGA totally kicked my butt - I was shocked at the weak areas of my body, and even with the DDP YOGA warmups I was gassed and worn out.  The warm up?!  This 55-year old, retired professional wrestler was kicking my ass and he said “you’re only 30 bro... I’m 55”, and to this day, when I’m tired and think I can’t do anymore, his voice pops into my head... and it motivates me to push harder.  “You’re only 30 YEARS OLD bro... I’m 55!”


After a just a few months of training with DDP YOGA, I feel SUPERHUMAN.  I’m leaner, and my cardio and flexibility have gone through the roof.  At 31, I’m ready to take my fighting and basketball to new levels - I’m not only in better shape, I am completely focused on achieving success in athletics.  I was a skeptic, but not anymore - DDP YOGA is unlike any workout I’ve ever tried.  Give it and try and see for yourself!  You will not be disappointed at the results.


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