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Weight has been an issue my entire life. I was always a thick kid, and stayed that way as I grew up. It didn't seem to matter how active or inactive I was my weight stayed the same, I figured that was my fate. Then I lost two things that were very dear to me, first a knee injury pulled me off the baseball diamond. A place that I felt the happiest in the entire world.


As I was trying to battle back from that, a car accident took my Father, now my number one supporter was gone as well. After this one two combo I just shut down and gave up, depression took aver and life was on hold. I was doing anything but owning it. I was barely eating and when I was it was junk, I simply did not care.


After a few years of this I started to get some help. It started with antidepressants, and they helped a bit, however one of the side effects was weight gain. As the weight piled on, so did the medications. I was now taking anti-depressants, blood pressure meds, and anti-inflammatory pills for gout. A close friend suggested I start seeing a therapist, thinking if I could fix my brain the rest would follow.


I found a great psychiatrist, and started to work through my issues. However the weight was still there, holding me back from really breaking through. I decided to get the gastric bypass surgery. I entered the program, but kept putting it off. I was nervous about being cut open. At a meeting with the nurse she said she would give me one last chance to lose weight on my own before I was kicked out of the program. She followed this up with “You can't do it”.


That seemed to be the final gust of wind to h me to action. Enter DDP YOGA. Not only was the workout amazing, it helped keep my head clear as well. Three months later I returned to the nurse down close to sixty pounds. While she thought that was great, she was still pushing surgery. Keep in mind I live in Canada, we don't pay for the surgery, but she was giving it the hard sell. Telling me I would never keep it off on my own and that I needed the procedure. I politely declined and kept with my DDP YOGA and clean eating.



After one year I was down 140lbs, now another year later I am keeping the fat off and gaining some muscle. I can't remember the last time I was in this kind of shape, and I am ready to own my life! You can too!! 


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