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Chris Butler

My story I guess isn't much different than most.  I was way overweight, smoking, miserable and at 35 thought this is the best I was gonna get. My first step came on my 35th birthday. I walked away from the addiction of smoking. However things weren't better. I weighed in at 296lbs.....I couldn't sleep at night, I often would wake gasping for air, I barely had the energy to go thru a work day and just wanted to sit in my recliner. I couldn't even tie my own shoes. I stayed sick most of the time with respiratory issues and generally feeling terrible. 

 One of the toughest things on me was I had zero energy to play with my daughters.  I could hardly go up the stairs to tuck them into bed. My knees ached constantly,  my back was in constant pain......I don't think there was a place on my body that didn't hurt  

Then came the day that made me realize that I really had to do something, not just for me but so my daughters could have their father.   I had been sick for a couple of days and my oxygen levels had been low so I kept a pulse ox in my truck to keep check on it,  (and my heart rate) while sitting in my work truck not doing anything my heart began racing fast!!! I thought it was coming out of my chest and  I could hardly breathe. I put the monitor on my finger and my heart rate sustained at 255 bpm for well over a minute and a half.  I thought I was dying on the side of the road.  I knew then something had to change.  I knew running or walking wasn't the answer because my knees couldn't hold up.  Then just browsing on Facebook I saw Arthurs story. That's when I knew what to do.  I was already a life long wrestling fan and DDP was always a favorite of mine too. Then and there I ordered my dvds. My first time doing the Diamond Dozen was July 2013. I changed my diet extensively. .I quit carbonated drinks all together and drink only water and decaf coffee. I tell everyone my "diet" aka lifestyle change is always evolving.  Im learning as I go.  


Since then I feel so much younger, I can play with my girls. ....I sleep ALL night (like a rock)  I went from a size 42 pants and now I'm in a 36 size pant. I went from a 3x shirt to a large. I have cleaned out my closet THREE times having to replace clothes.  More importantly than clothes I feel like I'm living again!!!


It is an amazing journey. This changed my life. This is totally and completely a lifestyle change. .  I know I'm not where I want to be yet but I'm enjoying getting there.


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