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Terrified of turning 50, Terri completely changed the path she was following.

Do More Than Just Age Gracefully!

Watch Terri's Transformation*

My name is Terri and I am a registered nurse and massage therapist. Six months shy of my 50 birthday and with the help of my friend Dallas Page, who helped me understand that only I had the power to take control of my life by accepting responsibility for the physical shape in which I unhappily found myself, I changed my attitude and my lifestyle and lost 64lbs. Six months later, I had given myself the best 50th birthday present ever, a new healthier me! I felt young and sexy again. When I looked in my mirror, I no longer saw my mother staring back at me!

When Dallas created his DDP YOGA workout, I began doing it 5-6 days a week and my body became stronger, more toned, more flexible and my posture more erect. I had more energy, was more focused, calmer and had better self-body awareness.


Watch Terri's Story*


I particularly love the DDP YOGA workout because of its ADAPABILITY. I can easily adjust my workout to the time allotted and to the physical state my body is in each morning. I can also workout anywhere as my mat; heart monitor and DDP YOGA DVD are easily packed.

More importantly, DDP YOGA helped me recover from a right shoulder injury that nearly ended my massage career. I went from pain to power in that shoulder and amazed my doctors. DDP YOGA also helped me recover from a severe bout of pneumonia as I began the deep belly breathing techniques from my bed as well as the simple cool down stretches to begin building my body strength. It continues to help me build better lung capacity as I manage my asthma. DDP YOGA helped me build my strength post operatively as I began my deep belly breathing from the recovery room bed which amazed the nurses as well as adapting the workout to my doctor’s requirements within weeks of my surgery. I recovered so quickly after surgery that I was able to go to LA to shoot the DDP YOGA workout video in just 2 months.

DDPYOGA has enabled me to cope with menopause, caring for my elderly father with Alzheimer’s disease as well as handling my busy massage practice. When I step onto my mat each morning the rest of the world disappears for that hour and I become centered, balanced and ready for my new challenging day.

Now DDP YOGA must help me focus on battling my newest challenge, osteoporosis. Recently, I fell off a small step ladder and landed on my sacrum (fanny) on ceramic tile and injured my tailbone. This injury led me to my Dr. and ultimately to my diagnosis of osteoporosis in my femoral neck which is located at the top of my femur or thigh bone that inserts into the hip. Since I am strong and flexible, THANK YOU DDP YOGA, I did not fracture my leg at the hip joint when I fell! Since I am now considered high risk for leg fractures and because the DDP YOGA workout is so adaptable, I am able to make this workout my own by incorporating the lifting of free weights while holding some of the DDP YOGA positions to help increase my bone density. I also do more squat, drop, and thunderbolt positions, again, holding free weights. As I grow older, it is more crucial than ever for me to continue doing my DDP YOGA to retain my flexibility!

Six years later, at age 56, and with the help of DDP YOGA, I have beaten the odds and kept my weight off! (Which is huge as most people gain their weight back within 3 years). I changed not only my dress size but my life. If I can go from fat to fit, so can you. Loosing weight, thinking with positive thoughts, and becoming disciplined re: exercise and nutrition has touched every aspect of my life and put a big smile on my husband’s face. (He has the same twinkle in his eyes for me that he did in college—we have been married 36 years!)


DDP YOGA is not just an exercise video but a way of living my life. I lived the first half of my life taking care of others, (my husband, my son, and my patients) eating what I wanted, and avoiding exercise. I have now made the conscious decision to live the second half of my life differently. I am taking care of Terri by treating my body with the love and respect it deserves. I am fueling my body with healthy foods and my mind and spirit with healthy thoughts. By the Grace of God, I hope to live a long life but the quality of how I choose to live my life is up to me! Look out 60 because here I come!

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