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Jake "The Snake" Roberts' Road to Redemption - Teaches Us It's Never Too Late 



Jake "The Snake" Roberts is widely known as one of the greatest minds in wrestling and a master of psychology in the ring and on the microphone. He is the creator of the "DDT" finishing move and is one of the most well known wrestlers in history. 

Almost as well known is the dark side of Jake's life. His descent into drugs and alcohol  has been the subject of documentaries, headlines and stories on TMZ.  

Many people had written Roberts off as a lost cause except for a few such as his close friend, "Diamond" Dallas Page. Page offered Roberts help on several occasions and when he was ready... he took it.  At over 300 pounds, financially troubled and addicted to drugs and alcohol, Jake moved into Dallas' Atlanta home where he would be immersed in an supportive environment.  It was no rehab center, but instead a place where Jake could rely on good friends to help him make healthier decisions.
One year later, through positive reinforcement and DDP YOGA he's not only regaining the mobility he thought that was gone forever but also his spirit. 
Jake Roberts is slowly conquering his demons and learning why "It's never too late..." 
Roberts has lost 64 pounds since starting DDP YOGA but more importantly has a whole new outlook on Life... Stay turned he's not finished yet:)
Watch Jake's Transformation*

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