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Stacey Morris

Stop Dwelling on Past Failures and Own Your Life! 
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Name: Stacey Morris

Hometown: Glens Falls, NY

Starting Weight: 345 lbs

Age: 53


Started DDPY: January 2009

Time frame: 18 months

Weight Lost: 180 lbs

I was worn out from the physical and emotional baggage of carrying 300+ pounds for 20 years, I was finally ready to make some changes. There’s nothing magical about me or my story. I’m a typical American hardcore overeater who found her way out of the woods. And there was no one magic answer. It first started with commitment and a willingness to take direction from my mentors, DDP and Terri Lange (the Godmother of DDP YOGA).  

Watch Stacey's Transformation*

My transformation encompassed changing my eating and nutritional habits, addressing the underlying emotional reasons I drugged myself with food, and embracing movement. At  345 pounds, I wasn’t exactly able to glide on air, but I could do DDP YOGA. I started with a version geared for those 50 pounds or more overweight and worked my way up the ladder.

Now I do Double Black Diamond and Diamond Cutter on a regular basis and the next goal is DDP YOGA Extreme. In my years of attempting to get fit and healthy, I’ve done many forms of exercise:  aerobics (big in the 80’s!), weight lifting, pilates, and various forms of yoga. Nothing has strengthened and transformed my body like DDP YOGA. It’s a brilliant formula and more than pays you back if you commit to doing it.



As DDP told me when I began in January 2009, ‘you get out of DDP YOGA what you put into it.’ His words proved to be prophetic. I’m living proof that deep and profound change is possible. Truly, it has been worth every ounce of sweat. Thank You, DDP. I have a new life because of you.

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Learn more about how Stacey used diet changes and DDPY to lose 180 lbs in 18 months in her cover story in September issue of Woman's World.


Stacey' book: Clean Comfort: A Roadmap in Food and Memories: How I Went From 345 lbs. to a Size 8 by Learning the Real Meaning of Feeding Myself Well

-Stacey Morris


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