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Stacy T

Everyone I see comments on how much better I look!

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I am a 38 year young, single Mommy of three daughters. I have had weight issues since having my youngest daughter and she is now eight. When I think of taking time out to focus on myself it seems overwhelming... in addition to the time factor, the costs of gym memberships, clothes, gas, childcare, etc. make it nearly impossible to achieve.


In Novermber, I decided to take Dallas' advice to become totally dedicated to a healthy life style change and not just halfway committed as has always been my pattern in the past. I started my lifestyle change by doing DDP YOGA's Energy! program 3 days a week (which only takes 20 minutes a day) and making slow but positive changes in my eating habits each day. Now, only because I enjoy it so much, I do my DDP YOGA about 6 days a week and my body actually craves healthier foods. It's the powerful momentum of positive reinforcement that keeps me motivated. I started at 178 lbs and now I am 154 lbs. The amount of weight has not impressed me as much as going from a size 12/14 to a tight size 8. (which will be a loose 8 soon!). 


Everyone I see comments on how much better I look. My daughter even had someone that saw my picture on her facebook, call her just to tell her how much slimmer I looked. As you can imagine... that made me very happy. And I feel so much better too!! Thank you Dallas for believing in DDP YOGA and helping me make such a positive change in my life!

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