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Gabe & Brittany

The couple that gets healthy together...

Watch Their Story!*

Hi everyone! my name is Gabe Cripe, Im a 22 year old college student from Indiana. Ive been a wrestling fan since I was about 6 and DDP has always been one of my favorite wrestlers and i have followed his career closely.  

I was overweight pretty much my whole life and the worst part was i was completely comfortable with that on the outside but on the inside i was not happy. I ate alot of fast food and you could almost always catch me with a soda by my side. I wanted to be able to shop in the mall with all of my friends and go do different activities outside that for a normal person came easy but it was hard for me to do that at the time.

Watch Arthur's Transformation*

In June of 2012 I saw a video online of a man named Arthur and how he transformed his life, lost weight and was able to walk again without crutches! I was in amazement and thought wow if that guy can lose 110 pounds and not be able to walk I no longer have excuses.



At that moment I weighed 359 pounds and knew I had a very enduring road ahead of me If I really wanted to do this. So I got online that night, ordered my DDP YOGA dvds and waited with excitement for them to arrive. When they arrived my girlfriend of 5 years and I both started doing the workouts together, we worked out 4 days a week for the first 4 months and after those 4 months I had lost 50 pounds and my girlfriend Brittany had lost 40! I then weighed 309 pounds by September. After we lost that weight all thanks to DDP YOGA we were able to add in some jogging and lifting in addition to our weekly YOGA. fast forward 7 months to today and I have now lost 130 pounds and have reached my goal weight of 230 pounds! My Girlfriend Brittany has lost 85 pounds to date also so we have both lost a combined 215 pounds with DDP YOGA. I can now do all of the things I have always wanted to do and Im so happy and healthy now. I've went from a 3XL shirt to a XL and size 54 waist to a size 38. I am so thankful for Dallas and this system it has saved my life in more ways than one. My girlfriend and I still do the YOGA 4 days a week and we will never stop doing it because it is now a very fun healthy part of our daily routines. My personal favorite workouts are the strength builder and below the belt. I will continue owning my life and improving in all aspects of myself because I have the self confidence and courage to know I can do anything!!


Another exciting thing that has resulted from our DDP YOGA weight loss is that Brittany and myself have even been contacted by the producers of the "Steve Harvey" show to come on during their next season tapings as they are looking for people who have lost weight the natural healthy ways without pills/shots/surgery and to explain how they did it to help other people!



Hello my name is Brittany Blankenship. I am 22, I graduated from the Art Institute of Indianapolis with a degree in Culinary Management. I have to say that all my life I have been over weight. I can't remember a time I wasn't. Most of my family is over weight so I thought I was destined to be over weight. In high school I played a bunch of different sports and when I was little I was pretty active. I just would eat horribly. I can recall a time I actually sat down in front of tv with a bag of chips and ate the whole bag beginning to end. Of course I would feel horrible after I would eat like that but I just found comfort in food. Everything that has to do with being with family and friends is surrounded by food. Being over weight is so depressing and embarrassing. I was bullied a lot because of my weight. I was called "Big Fat BB" by these two boys in elementary. My brothers would constantly poke fun at me for being over weight but I would just shake it off and try to let them see that it got to me, but it did.  I would always turn to food when I was sad.

Once I was in college I wasn't active at all. All I would do is go to class, get fast food, watch tv and sleep. I would occasionally make my own meals but they were never healthy. The thing that made me want to change my life and show myself that I wasn't destined to always be over weight was the day that my friend posted pictures of her wedding. I stared at the picture of me in the blue bridesmaid dress thinking "What the hell happened?" When I look into the mirror I don't see this, I am not really this big. I was just in shock with the picture that I wanted to change my life for good. Not only was the picture a wake up call, knowing that on both sides of my family my grandparents were diabetic and I don't ever want to become diabetic. I started by going cold turkey and only drinking water or tea with out sugar. I stayed away from soda. I started walking but I wanted something different, fun and more challenging. I watched a video that I found on pinterest and I shared and pinned that video of Aurthur Boorman. I showed my boyfriend Gabe Cripe the video and he was like "wait a minute!" he had to rewind the video again and he said "that's DDP!" and I was like "who?" and he explained to me who he was and showed me videos of him in  WCW and WWE. After I showed him the video we did some research to see what DDP YOGA was all about and June 3, 2012 we started our first day of DDP YOGA.

I started my weight at 248 and now only 10 months later I have lost 86lbs I am now 162 lbs and so proud of where I have come from. I have a little less than 30 lbs left to reach my goal. I still don't drink soda or go to fast food places. Gabe and I are eating healthier and cooking our meals and not going out as much. We do DDP YOGA 4 days week and run 3 days a week. I am so glad that saw that picture of myself and saw that video or I would still be depressed, sad and over weight. I finally get to shop at the mall in the "skinny" stores. I went from a size 22 pants to a size 12 (almost 10!) and I was a size XXL shirt to a M size shirt! If I had to give you one piece of advice about DDP YOGA it would be don't give up! I couldn't do some of the moves when I first attempted them and now I can! I had to do "girl pushups" for about 3 months now I can do regular pushups and also I am so close to doing the splits again! I use to sit in the kitchen when I was younger and in gymnastics and do the splits and just sit there like that for hours. So never give up! 

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