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I Wanted to Be the Best Dad and Husband I Could Be 


What I didn't know, is that DDP YOGA would transform my entire life. Diamond Dallas Page took me from the who I was to the who I should be; from shooting for the curb to Living Life @ 90%.

Many times before, I *tried* to lose the weight and get in shape and *thought* that it was just going to happen.  Trying wasn't doing. I wanted to *do* it.  And thanks to Dallas, DDP YOGA, and Team DDP YOGA I did it.  


At 37, I was 6'2", 232 lbs., and a fat, lazy ass. I felt like I was 20 years older than I was.  DDP talks about gravity, and with that weight, I was feeling some physical and emotional gravity. I did't exercise. I loved to eat ... anything. I had severe obstructive sleep apnea, acid reflux and blood pressure that was on the rise all due to the weight I was carrying and the unhealthy DEATHstyle that I was living. 

Over a year later, I am 38 going on 30, 50 pounds lighter, have lost more than 10" off my waist, am stronger and more flexible, no worries of medical issues to slow me down, thinking POZ, and I love living the DDP YOGA LIFEstyle.


DDP YOGA and Team DDP YOGA are the best no BS workout and community on the PLANET.  I believe in it, and in everyone who wants to change their lives with DDP Yogo so much that I welcome every member, and help host DDP's own DDP YOGA Radio show every Wednesday night @ 9 PM EST on\yrgradio.


YOU CAN DO THIS.  YOU CAN OWN YOUR LIFE; not just today, but EVERY day.  I DID, and I am just a regular guy ... just like YOU.

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